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Day: October 2, 2021

You feared being happy

You feared being happy

October 2, 2021
You feared being happy. We will provide you with more information to bring to an excellent conclusion in our live talk tomorrow. But first, we will begin with our message of yesterday where we said you could have a masterpiece. We meant that you stand at a place right now where you could manifest that in your life and, therefore, your world.

You were born to be here at this time to foster in a new world, and it will be one to your liking when you decide to be happy. We know that may not make sense to you now, but that is also our mission this time to aid more you in your quest to believe in your worthiness, and we would like you to appreciate the measures we have used to do so, and we even said we used so much of Roger’s life and we will continue with that theme.

We keep saying we are giving you things in smaller doses because you hold resistance to becoming yourself. And this particular part of your evolutionary journey is causing that old behavior to become more uncomfortable. We had Roger add those words to his new website as he breaks through his resistance to being happy as you are.

We will give you one story that again is designed to help more of you if you let go of your disbelief. At the end of our message yesterday, we said that you were born to be unique and the same, which we will explain further tomorrow. But Roger thought we would wait until then, but then he went for a walk and heard a video play that said those words. Then we told him, "We wanted you to see the synchronicity of those words first so you will believe in yourself more to guide more tomorrow, for we want more of you to be happy for that is the only manner you will manifest the life and world you intended.

We will have this make sense but hold to the idea today that when you become happy, you will be fine.
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