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Day: September 17, 2021

You are equally essential

You are equally essential

September 17, 2021
You are equally essential. We thought we might begin today with a title that would cause some curiosity, for we are still on our journey of urging you to believe in yourself and the importance of your existence in your world now.

We have repeatedly said that you each are eternal spiritual beings who have experienced many lifetimes during our Sunday talks. While you do not have vivid memories of those, you have tools developed by humans that would provide you with a greater understanding if you were to utilize them. It will become more critical for you to do so.

This Sunday, we will explain far more, and it will be more acceptable to you, for then you will have experienced the events of your world. As we have also said, we are not being psychic but offering you the predictable results of your actions individually and collectively.

You are in the midst of a major restructuring that none of you have experienced in any lifetime because you knew this was coming and decided to be here now. The essential nature of your being that you have doubted continually will be revealed to you. If you remember this communication, in particular, you all will be fine.

We know this communication is cryptic, but it needs to be. That way, for many of you, when it begins to make logical human sense to you, you will also know your world needed you at this time.

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