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Day: September 15, 2021

The divine plan of your life is unfolding now

The divine plan of your life is unfolding now

September 15, 2021
The divine plan of your life is unfolding now. We do know that you may not believe that about yourself or your world at this moment, but we assure you that is your reality. You would not be here now if this were not part of your divine plan, and as we have said in our Sunday talks with you, our mission is to help you come to accept yourself and your importance in the evolution of your world.

We have used Roger as an example that he has become much more willing to accommodate, so you will you once you comprehend the information we’ve delivered so far. You always decide to be born and live a physical life when it would be most advantageous to your growth and that of your world at the perfect intersection of time and existence, and that time is now for you.

During our Sunday talks, we have also revealed the significance of 2009 in his life because it will cause more of you to remember times of your life experience where who you intended to become was exposed to you. Still, you could not embrace it at that time, and also, the time was not right for your world. It is now.

We told Roger to find another one of those messages and post it here, and we will continue to explain, and on Sunday, you will understand much more. When you read the message, remember that Roger heard the term mind racing, which he has done as you have because slowing down and accepting what you heard was challenging. It will become less so now because it is a part of your divine plan.

November 7, 2009
The premise here is that you are an unlimited, eternal spiritual being who decided to experience physical life momentarily. With that in mind, the only thing that prevents you from knowing and experiencing that is your inability to embrace it.

You embrace concepts, beliefs, and ways of being emotionally, mentally, and physically. The process of evolution itself is you continually embracing more.
Once you understand and accept this premise on a deeper level, you also understand that your real "job," as it were, is to develop your embracing.

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