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Day: September 13, 2021

Please begin again now

Please begin again now

September 13, 2021
Please begin again now. Over the years, we have given several messages that referred to beginning again. We intended to impress upon you the fact that you are alive now because you wanted to evolve. That can only occur when you gather the wisdom you have gained through your lived experiences and use that knowledge to aid your evolvement and that of your world. None of you are exempt from what we’ve stated because you were the one who decided to be here now.

As we said in our live talk with you yesterday, most of you do not hold a vivid memory of any other life you may have lived. You were not supposed to remember that because that experience was limited, and you chose this restructuring to move beyond that to evolve even further.

We answered a question someone asked about what they could do now as your world seems to be in such a dire place. We said it was the power you each possess in your ability to direct positive energy. Some of you have been on a journey that has felt long and difficult at times. Still, you chose that role, for you knew that this particular time in your world would cause your wisdom to become more valuable and needed now, not only in your evolutionary journey but that of your world. Please know that your timing was perfect.

Finally, the only way you can begin from where you are now is to practice self-forgiveness. You will begin to uncover parts of yourself unknown to you, which can cause discomfort on your part. We spoke of some physical changes in your bodies that may occur as you evolve or ascend to a higher state of being.

We even gave you an example yesterday. When Roger sent the video replay of the session, we asked him to include a specific message we had provided. When he read the message, he also saw we referenced the message of the day before. When he read that one, the shock of the clarity he experienced caused him to forget to include the recording, and we had him mention that in the message he sent to those who were there and had registered. He saw, and you will see continuity and the divine plan of your life begin to unfold.

We wanted each of you to know you will begin to discover your gifts, and when you stop denying them, you and your world will be fine.

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