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Day: September 8, 2021

Your value is being revealed now

Your value is being revealed now

September 8, 2021
Your value is being revealed now. In truth, your value is always becoming known to you, and it is only a matter of time before you believe that about yourself, but that too was how you set things up for you wanted to evolve this time.

We do realize we gave you a bit of a cryptic description in that paragraph, but it is also a continuation of the information we have provided in our Sunday talks which we will continue to do. Again, we said the phrase this time in the last paragraph to instill in each of you the importance of your choice to live this lifetime.

You are moving through a restructuring in your world that is causing you to recognize parts of yourself previously unknown or denied by you. But again, you did that because if you awakened now, you would add your energy to all those of a like mind doing the same. And collectively, you begin to manifest the life of your dreams and that of your world, for we always want you to remember you are the world.

Yesterday we had Roger examine many of our messages of years past. He was surprised, to say the least, that he had not recognized what we had given him at that time, just as you haven’t known your value entirely, for that is what occurs throughout your life and that of your world, and typically you do it gradually.

But as we said, this time will be different for you because you set it up to be here now with a powerful momentum of energy supporting you if you decide to step into your value now. It has always existed, but you will begin to notice it now, for the world needs you; even if you doubted that before, now it will become difficult for you to continue to do so.

Some of the messages we had Roger read were the ones you have thought about yourself, and that is, what if I was right about who I thought I would be? You were right, and we will continue to guide you, and you will be fine.

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