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Day: September 5, 2021

When you want them to, things will change

When you want them to, things will change

September 5, 2021
When you want them to, things will change.

We are speaking to you, the individual, and you, the collective world.
We gave you a message yesterday that said we have a secret to tell you, and this message is a continuation of that, which we will discuss further in our live talk with you later today.

We have given you the messages in this manner to explain your process of evolving, and that is you and your world, which is the same, and that concept is challenging for many of you to accept, let alone believe. You have entertained thoughts of changing the world but immediately put that away because you do not think you could be that powerful.

This morning we told Roger to search our messages for the word power. Many of them exist there, including empowerment, which will now make sense to him and you. That word power is one most have misinterpreted, which has prevented you from accessing it and effecting change in your life and the world. But this restructuring is different. We told him to use the earliest message he could find on power and have it on the screen as we speak today. More of you will remember your power, which is essential at this time.

Power is your ability to direct energy, for energy is what creates. The way you direct energy is by the thoughts you choose to hold in any moment of now. When you study this concept more, you will come to realize how powerful you have always been, and now is the time to harness it for good. We mean those words specifically, which we will explain later, and you will be fine.

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