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Day: August 4, 2021

The more unique you become, the better

The more unique you become, the better

August 4, 2021
The more unique you become, the better. The information we are giving each of you will help you navigate your current restructuring with greater ease once you accept and choose to understand it.

You each come into the world to make a difference, and that difference is allowing yourself to become all that you might be. Along the way, you encounter circumstances and situations that you do not fully understand, which can engender fear and doubt, which many of you are feeling now. The following will help.

Last Sunday, during our live conversation with you all, we said that we planned the day and went to great lengths beforehand to impress upon each of you the divine plan of your life. We used that terminology as it is one more of you understand due to religious teachings or new-age thinking.

Then we reminded Roger of Edgar Cayce, whose material Roger was introduced to in 1969. Then we showed you a message we delivered in 1989 to Roger that he only understood now. You have that plan as well, and it takes time to unfold, but then you will have others to help you know, and Roger is one. Still, he was not wholly willing to become more unique as many of you have not, which is why you and your world manifested this time to cause more significant evolution in your world. Yes, you are that important.

We told Roger during our talk to work with more of you closely, for he understood what was occurring that even he could not explain except he continually found evidence of what we had given. Still, you may also remember we said it took seventy years. Then we noted that your chronological age has nothing to do with your evolutionary journey.

We will give you one more and continue with more tomorrow to lead to our next planned live conversation. We led Roger to a video discussion of Edgar Cayce’s belief in reincarnation. While Cayce believed everything he transcribed or received, he had difficulty with that part due to his Christian upbringing.
We said we had a different understanding to offer, and that was your energetic connections to all those who came before, for that is a more straightforward concept, and it will be much more helpful moving forward. You came to change what was before, and at times you and your world use fear, doubt, and lack to be the impetus to allow you to embrace who you are.

Last night, Roger took our advice and decided to own his unique coaching and offer that to the world. Immediately after he took action, the old doubt showed up, coupled with his old fear of judgment he thought he might receive from others. When he awakened this morning, he found more evidence that gave him more belief as we will continue to offer to you all, and you will be fine.

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