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Day: August 2, 2021

Nothing in your life or your world will change until you do

Nothing in your life or your world will change until you do

August 2, 2021
Nothing in your life or your world will change until you do. We do want you to appreciate those words and know we are directing them to you. None of you are exempt from what we will deliver, and we went to extraordinary lengths to bring it to you. It only took Roger seventy years.

Yesterday in our talk, which we immensely enjoyed, we made a joke that we will now tie together for you all and Roger. We said you should buy land in Florida. That joke was a reference to the state’s current condition so that you might examine your own. A joke similar to that one was given to Roger in 1987 by another entity he greatly admired and believed he could not be like; you thought the dream you held was not attainable or delusional. Neither was accurate.

Before the session began, we told Roger to have everyone in attendance read the message we delivered yesterday morning for the alignment that would follow, coupled with what we said, would provide more of you with the belief that you do have a divine plan. And that you are here for a reason even though you continually doubt that.

Then we told Roger that we wanted you all to observe Florida so you might understand cognitive dissonance (look up that term), which would also explain your previous inability to change. You have programmed yourselves into smallness, so changing that belief above all else is the most critical thing you might do.

During the session, we also told Roger that he should work with more of you more closely, which would require him to make adjustments in his direction now. He, like you, finds that challenging even in the face of evidence that he should do so, which we have given him since 1989. That was our reason for having each of you notice the dates, so you might better understand your evolution process and release your judgment.

We also said that if you look at Florida and hold any judgment, you will also notice the cognitive dissonance you have used on yourself. If you forgive yourself and them, you will have accomplished more of what you intended during this restructuring. Now you may also understand why we give you things in smaller doses. You take years to accept how powerful you are. You will be fine.

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