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Day: August 1, 2021

Now is the time you intended to awaken to who you are

Now is the time you intended to awaken to who you are

August 1, 2021
Now is the time you intended to awaken to who you are. We are speaking to you, for you would not be here if that were not the case. You each are born with what many of you might call a divine plan, but most also have difficulty finding the truth of that notion because you may have spent lifetimes telling yourself a different story.

We are leading up to our talk later today, and more of you will benefit from that, but we are also continuing with the fairytale we told you about the other day where each of you planned this so you might evolve. It is the one that many of you have trouble accepting, and that is the fact that you were born for an excellent reason and intended to evolve and cause the world to do the same for you are your world, and all are the same.

In our last live conversation with you all, we said our main intention was to help you move beyond your fear and doubt. And especially during this current restructuring, which was part of the divine plan for each of you. Now you feel more impetus to be yourself, which was the only goal you had in this lifetime. We will provide a bit more proof of your divine plan by revealing more of Roger’s, for he also knows this is his restructuring, and he is actively creating his new identity as each of you are now.

During a conversation yesterday, we reminded Roger of the first written message he has from us. The message is not on the blog, for Roger hid most of our communications for years, as many of you have attempted to hide yourselves due to your lack of belief. We have also often said that your chronological age has nothing to do with your evolutionary journey. Those of you reading these words will understand the message that the person in the conversation yesterday asked to receive. It was the only reason we had Roger type it. You will see that this was all part of the divine plan for you all, and if you pay careful attention to the words we delivered, which we will do more today, you will be fine.

February 19, 1989
Any advice for today?

Yes, it is indeed wise for you to realize how powerful you are and also to acknowledge the innate benevolence of your being. You seem to consistently maintain a subtle fear that somehow you would use your power in an ego-oriented way to the detriment of others. The truth for you is exactly the opposite, for the more you gain, you give away.

The anger you sense or hostility at times, as you have also been aware of, is not truly direct at others but merely a reflection of your inner frustration with the intellectual knowledge of your power and your simultaneous restriction of the power, which causes friction. It is everyone’s power to do with as they please, and your individual way is becoming more clear and purposeful for you. Be careful of the instilled limitations which would not have you own your worth. Relax and enjoy.

"Wisdom With Wihelm" and SOULCONX, Sunday, August 1.
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