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Day: June 20, 2021

The salvation of the world depends on you

The salvation of the world depends on you

June 20, 2021
The salvation of the world depends on you. We are speaking to every soul who might read our words, for they are accurate for each. If you have difficulty accepting this premise, it means you are in a crucial part of your evolutionary journey.

We will attempt to make the detailed information we are sending Roger to be simple. You are eternal beings, and you decide to be born into a specific point where your existence would do the most good to facilitate your evolution, which is that of the world. We do hope more of you earnestly study that statement.

Evolution only occurs as more of you come to understand your individual importance in this process. For example, years ago, we gave Roger a process to use in our online program called "how to have a happy childhood." Today the reason we did that is making sense and coincides with the title of this message.

To make our point more evident, we thought pointing out that today is Father’s Day in the United States will even help in our explanation. You have connections to all who came before you, and they are much more than what you can know now. But those connections are typically tied to restrictions and limitations you wanted to move through; otherwise, you would not have chosen this period to be alive.

We are saying that this restructuring is decisive, and when you understand that your ancestors laid the foundation for your evolvement, you will more readily accept the job title we have given you, and you will be fine.

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