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Day: June 12, 2021

Your experience of shame is always helpful

Your experience of shame is always helpful

June 12, 2021
Your experience of shame is always helpful. We have been yelling this information at Roger for quite a while now. But his level of shame held him back, as your experience of shame has done.

You are moving through a massive restructuring individually and collectively to cause your world to evolve. When you experience shame, it is alerting you to the resistance you might have in self-acceptance or, it is pointing you in another direction.

The other element of this and this part of the world’s evolutionary journey is that you are also moving through your ancestors’ limitations, and it can be confusing for you.

We are sending through so much information that we will keep this one shorter and continue the series. We mentioned the other day Roger’s discovery of his ADHD and the shock he experienced. He then learned it was heredity, and now he could see this existed in his mother, and today would have been her ninety-second birthday. We advised him to offer more forgiveness for her and himself. Roger was quite aware of the judgment he held about her as he didn’t understand her limitations.

This morning we reminded him of Uncle Stephen, who exhibited the same characteristics but from the other side of the family. When you make these discoveries, you aid your evolution and that of the world when you decide to move through them. For decades Roger has resisted this and judged himself as he did his mother and as you might have judged yourself when you encounter challenges. Roger knows he has always manifested financial disasters, for if he causes lack, he must move to fill it up.

That cycle is exhausting, and it is the one each of you is here now to move through. Be patient, and you will be fine.

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