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Day: June 10, 2021

Now you get to decide who you want to be

Now you get to decide who you want to be

June 10, 2021
Now you get to decide who you want to be. While that sentence is true and you have always possessed the ability to create the life you desired, this period of time provides you with more impetus and collective power. Now we will explain.

You each decide to be born into the physical world to evolve. The process of evolution required you to accept some aspect of yourself previously denied. You do this in your personal life and the lives of your ancestors and other members of your soul family. What you each are doing is deciding to move through your personally felt and held limitations. The result will be you become happier and fulfilled, and you heal your past and that of your world.

This message may sound cryptic, but each of you will know what it means for you, and you will see it all come to pass in your world individually and collectively. What you are moving through are your limiting thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

We will give you one story that will apply to you all. Yesterday in a group meeting, many began telling Roger how much they have changed and gave him thanks and appreciation. They even explained to him how they could see he served as an anchor to help others move forth in their lives. He didn’t believe that fully before as you did not. But now we gave you what you must do now, and it is in the title of this message, and you will be fine.

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