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Day: June 9, 2021

Here is what you can learn from 1972

Here is what you can learn from 1972

June 9, 2021
Here is what you can learn from 1972. We only used that title, for we felt it would cause more you to open the message, and it will be one you desired to hear.
You each are born with life paths to live that will allow you to evolve and do the same for your world. You are in the midst of that now through the current restructuring. Many of you are having memories of why you were born or even things you cannot explain, but that is purposeful because you wanted to offer something new.

We used 1972 for that is the approximate year Roger could remember when he had a glimpse of what he was to do, but now the memory is becoming more critical as the world needs more of you to remember why you wanted to be born.
We are using Roger and this message as a guide for each of you. During that year, Roger found himself in a seminar that he has no idea how he ended up there. But what he does know is he witnessed something intuitively which he felt to be a life direction for him, but then he spent decades doubting that, as you may have. We are saying that again for you did not accidentally read this message.

Last night Roger agreed to go on a short trip with his friend and even questioned why he was doing so, for there were many other pressing things he might have done. While driving, they "stumbled" upon a video from Kryon, which included Dr. Sue Morter, whom Roger had never heard, which is typical in his life experience. The surprise factor is more impactful for all of you.

As they listened, Roger knew why he was there in 1972. You each have a unique role to play in evolution, and no way is more important than yours. Now is the time where you will begin to trust that more as your voice is needed now. You are reading this currently to build more belief in yourself, for you have never been on a wrong path, and it was only one you wanted to believe and manifest.

We have told Roger that his role this lifetime is first to be love and continue on with those who marry science and spirituality to manifest evolution which you are doing now, and you will be fine.

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