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Day: June 8, 2021

Please stop withholding your greatness from the world

Please stop withholding your greatness from the world

June 8, 2021
Please stop withholding your greatness from the world. Yes, we are speaking to you, for no person is born without the intention and ability to experience a magnificent physical life. For that to occur, every person must make their unique contribution. But many of you do not understand the process in its entirety. So when you begin to uncover aspects of yourself previously hidden, you may require a bit of time to integrate your new self, for that is what is occurring now within you and your world.

We are having a bit of difficulty with this message, which is due to Roger, as is typically the case. Now we will explain that to all of you, which will further inform the intention of this message. Roger has known or had a feeling of what he was to do in his life. And would even receive confirmation that he had accomplished some of it but then doesn’t accept that he has done that. And the doubt continues in his life. You have done that as well, which is why you chose to be born. You are each here now to move through limitations you have carried in your evolutionary journey, which is connected to your ancestors and the world.

As each of you discovers some limitation you have moved through or overcome, you are meant to give it back to your world. Then you have fulfilled the part of your evolutionary journey you desired, and that causes your world to evolve, which is the point of this restructuring. The reason we said Roger was having difficulty was due to his lack of acceptance, as it may have been for you. Most of this message at this moment does not make sense to him, but he is trusting us.

Roger has known the connection you each maintain to access your authentic power, and it only requires you to accept that you possess that power, decide to utilize it, and give it to others. Yesterday when Roger spoke of his discovery of ADHD, he knew it contained a gift that would be realized when shared with others. Roger then recorded a video because he owns the information more when he does that. Then "miraculously," his troublesome shoulder began to improve.

As you move through this restructuring, including your physical body, your innate greatness will be revealed. Embrace every aspect of who you are and believe the dream you had. No one is born with more ability than you. We hope you heard that. You will be fine.


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