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Day: June 7, 2021

Here is further proof you are here for an excellent reason

Here is further proof you are here for an excellent reason

June 7, 2021
Here is further proof you are here for an excellent reason. That sentence is true for every person, and if you are reading our words, it means you were meant to receive value from this message. We intend to help you know that you are not an accident; you don’t have accidental lives or occurrences. And you only interpret things in a particular way, and typically because you are in the process of evolving, you are continually moving through human limitations.

None of you have been given anything in your life that was for any less purpose than to cause you to evolve and heal your world. What each of you has before you in your lives is the gifts you desired to give the world, but you don’t always know that in your linear physical time, but it eventually all comes to make sense for you.

We are doing something different with this message, and those who follow through will be pleased. You each make assumptions about yourself from a limited perspective because you wanted to contribute more. We are using Roger to accomplish this, and we will incorporate Kryon to receive a greater understanding.

For many months Roger has questioned some of his behavior, but in actuality, he has questioned it his entire life, as you might have, but this restructuring will have more of this make sense if you can release more of your judgment. As we have said previously, judgment is the most significant barrier to evolvement. You can only judge anything from your current state of awareness.

In 1996 Roger became clinically depressed, which could easily be attributed to the previous years’ stress due to illness and hospitalizations. Roger was then advised to take medication and, through that process, began to understand more about human neuroplasticity, which is how you create your world in every aspect. Some of you will utilize medications due to the limitations you might have lived with for decades, but they are meant to bring you back to balance. Now the restructuring will make more sense.

We then had Roger study ADHD only to discover that it has been within him to heal within himself to aid others. Now we will give you something that will come to pass soon, and you will understand why we’ve been saying you will be fine. Roger has known that his life work involved bringing science and spirituality together to aid evolvement.

To prove our point, we "accidentally" led him to a video that could not have been accidental precisely as you are not, and you will understand this soon.
Here is the video from Kryon, and please pay attention to the title. We will continue to inspire you to be you.

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