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Day: June 6, 2021

Don’t give up this time

Don’t give up this time

June 6, 2021
Don’t give up this time. First, we will explain what is occurring in your world and why we have referred to it as your restructuring.

Your world evolves through the participation of every human who chooses to be born. We are using every word intentionally. When you made that decision, you did so to aid your evolution and your ancestors, which are far more than your human family, but it is inclusive of your soul family.

Those members are the ones who help others move through their evolutionary journey, which is always about moving through limitations. The challenges or difficulties any of you experience in your life are the ones you wanted to move through, for when you do so, you aid the evolution of the world.

The current restructuring is in full force now, and we have continually sent information to Roger that he is coming to understand now. None of you have had accidental lives, but it may take you time to figure that out as it was for Roger, but that is also part of what he came to complete this time if he believes it is true, and that is what you each are doing.

We will give you a short story even though we could have given many. Several years ago, Roger found a folder with a dream where he volunteered to be a spiritual leader and immediately doubted himself. He thought it could not be him, and possibly he could pretend he never heard this and go back to his old life. That is no longer possible for him or you, which is why you wanted this restructuring, and you will be fine.

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