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Day: June 5, 2021

Decide to be more helpful to humanity

Decide to be more helpful to humanity

June 5, 2021
Decide to be more helpful to humanity. This message is for every soul, including you, and we will help you understand this because it has taken Roger quite a while. But that was purposeful also as every experience of your life has been as well.

This morning while listening to a video, Roger heard the word integrity and the year 2012. Then we told him to search our words for a message which we will leave at the end. First, let us say the message we will post is not the earliest but only the earliest one he could find online, but this theme has played in his mind for eons.

As you read the message, we will give you the understanding that Roger has come to now, and he will help you do the same. You each are born with integrity in your life experience that some of you may call your divine plan. We used the word integrity instead, for religious connotations are always challenging. How you help humanity is by deciding to honor and embrace all of you.

As you read the message, please know that it also contains the answer to the question many of you have held as to why you wanted to live through this restructuring. You will be fine.

May 8, 2012
Integrity is indeed the force that guides your entire physical life experience. You would do well to study the word’s meaning a bit more to understand its application to your life.

You only ever experience fear or anxiety when you do not trust the integrity of your life experience. You also have difficulty with some of this process because you attempt to judge what is occurring in your life with your limited awareness.

When you then notice this fact due to what you observe through the use of hindsight, you will, in turn, develop more faith and trust. This development of that faith and trust of whatever is occurring means you know everything is working for your highest good and expansion.

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