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Day: June 4, 2021

The perfection of your life is beginning to unfold now

The perfection of your life is beginning to unfold now

June 4, 2021
The perfection of your life is beginning to unfold now. That statement is true for every person, but it is especially true for those of you who read our words. We also want to thank the new subscribers here and the YouTube channel. We point that out to further inform this message, and it encourages Roger.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring that you wanted to experience so that you might move through your human limitations. We have communicated with Roger for decades, but now he is more willing to believe us. For we keep taking him through his history, and with the tool of hindsight, he can see the perfection of his life, which has set him on a mission to help others accept themselves, and usher in your new world, for that is what you are achieving.

Often Roger does not remember our messages which are typically beyond his current state of awareness as it is for you. This morning, we had him do what we call an experiment, for he, as you might have done, continually doubt why you are on the earth. While listening to another video today, Roger heard the words, start here. We then told Roger to find our message and post it here without reading it first, for it will further bolster belief in him and you. You will be fine.

January 19, 2016
The simplicity, as well as the effectiveness of this message, might surprise you. The message is, start here.

Those two words, when used together, can serve as a mantra you use, an admonition you give yourself, as well as a gentle reminder to decide to live in your moment of now consciously.

When you say start here, you are deciding to let go of anything that has occurred in the past and the judgment you have placed on yourself for whatever you think you have not done that you should have.

It is a reminder that the only manner in which you can change anything from the past is by what you decide to do in your now. It also helps you to stop attempting to project your future but pay attention to your now. Attempt to remember those two words throughout your day continually.

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