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Day: June 3, 2021

Shame and embarrassment acknowledged are your gifts

Shame and embarrassment acknowledged are your gifts

June 3, 2021
Shame and embarrassment acknowledged are your gifts. We know that title may sound strange to you at first, but it will be helpful once understood.

You are born with the talent and ability to create a life of magnificence. So that you might do so, you have life experiences. Some of them are pleasurable to you, and others are more challenging such as shame and embarrassment, but when you discover they are leading you somewhere, they take on new meaning.

Yesterday Roger listened to a recording where a discussion occurred about "the new normal." Many have mentioned it, and some wonder what that might be. That moment caused Roger to search our words for the word normal, and he was shocked to see how many times we had provided that message over many different years and in different ways. We will post one message at the end, and please pay attention to the date.

As we have said, you all are moving through a massive restructuring, and the purpose is to move through limitations. Shame and embarrassment are burdens you have placed upon yourselves. Hopefully, our words will help you forgive yourself more as we led Roger to Eckhart this morning for his inspiration. Eckhart and Roger share similar stories, and there is a part of it Roger ignores as you might have done in your life.

Eckhart retold the story of his beginnings and the struggle he encountered while attempting to free himself. The greatest challenge for him and you are the perceptions you accept from the world around you rather than relying on your internal wisdom, which you all possess. When Eckhart wrote his book, "The Power of Now," which Roger also used to heal himself, everything changed for him
We told Roger to write his new book. And you have been told to do that next thing in your life, and you will when you release the unnatural occurrence of shame and embarrassment, for they are alerting you to want you wanted to move through this lifetime, and you will be fine.

September 3, 2010
There is no normal. Normal is a term you and your society have made up to classify people, behavior, and beliefs in an effort to have it all be comfortable for you. You never intended to be normal or comfortable, for that matter; for both place limitations on what you might come to develop, know, and experience. Your intention was always to do more.

The difficulty you have with the term normal is that most times, you will use it to compare and judge yourself in some manner. This behavior causes you to become more constrained, less adventurous, and also fearful. Simply take pride in your not being normal and discover more you.

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