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Day: June 1, 2021

The problem and the solution exist within you

The problem and the solution exist within you

June 1, 2021
The problem and the solution exist within you. We would like each of you to examine that sentence and do your best to embody the meaning. You will experience some difficulty as you attempt to do so, which is precisely the intent of that exercise.

You each are born with the ability and talent to do anything you desire in your lives, but along the way, you encounter doubt and disbelief and require guidance to aid you on your way. Some of you, like Roger, have not even recognized that you hold that guidance within you. You doubted that also.

We will not make this long today, for we have so much more as you move through this restructuring, but we wanted to make this point today. That point is the title of this message. This morning, we led Roger to several videos where the speakers each said words that strongly resonated with him, and then he remembered why. We had given them to him, but it was easier for him to accept them when they came from another. You each have done that, but it is also purposeful.

You have been given the path for your life and one that would cause it to become joyful for you, but you may not have believed that as Roger did not. We gave him his path some time ago and many times at that. But now, due to the restructuring, it becomes vital for him and you to put it into your world. We will leave one message, and if you and Roger heed its message, you and the world will be fine.

July 24, 2014
You could do nothing better than decide to play the good game continually. The game is that idea from the novel and film “Pollyanna,” referred to as the “glad game,”; and it proposes that within every situation, occurrence, or event, there is something to be found that you would consider good.

Some of your greatest wisdom is delivered to you and your society through things you would consider entertainment. Because you have classified it as mere entertainment, it is easy to miss the prolific information coming through them.

The other difficulty is you begin to accept connotations of “being Pollyanna” as somehow being weak or too optimistic as well as gullible. You get to decide how to live your life, and one of your intentions was to experience as much happiness as possible, just like

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