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Please remember why you are here

Please remember why you are here

May 31, 2021
Please remember why you are here. Today is a fantastic day for many of you and not in ways you may have ever imagined, for that was also the case for Roger.
We have said you and your world are moving through a massive restructuring.

Depending on how you view change, you might have offered your resistance to change, which manifested in uncomfortable ways in your life experience. Roger has had uncomfortable, almost uncontrollable movements in his body and physical pain, which he also knew was the manifestation of resistance.

This morning, we made it so uncomfortable that he was "pushed" to take the next step in his restructuring to fulfill his goal of this evolutionary journey, which is to help more come to know who they are. He could not accomplish that without coming to know who he is.

Roger allowed us to speak, and it was a very different experience for him from a few weeks ago. The point of that was to indicate to you all the process of evolving, and most times, you are the one in the way of that process, as was Roger. Roger’s body convulsed a bit during the session, but we assured him that was a temporary symptom of evolvement, which many of you may experience, but it will pass as Roger’s body is calmer now.

The message will tell you all we wanted you to know on this day: you were born for an important reason, and now Roger is more committed to helping you know that through us, and we all will be fine.
The recording:

Now is the time you intended to remember your importance

Now is the time you intended to remember your importance

May 30, 2021
Now is the time you intended to remember your importance. We awakened Roger this morning to memories of world events to which he felt inexplicably connected. You all are. You each are born into a time-space continuum on earth to facilitate your evolutionary journey and that of your world.

Many of you have felt the shift of restructuring we have spoken of, and you will see more of it over the next several months. We have sent Roger much information on this fact, but he has also held a history of doubting us as you might have questioned your guidance, but that is also a purposeful occurrence for you intended to move through your doubt now.

We then told Roger to find a message we gave him very early in our communications, and it was at a time where Roger felt "pushed" to speak with us, as many of you will feel soon. You are in the process of moving through your limitations of either this life or that of your ancestors. In the following story we told Roger, you each will find meaning.

March 10, 1989
You are all intricately woven into an experiential process here on earth, whereby each of you represents a portion of the learning that is to occur. It is then not up to you to try and figure out what certain events, including deaths, are to mean to others, only the significance these events bring to light in your own experience.

As for Kenn’s death, you have always felt with Kenn a kind of blockage and resistance to living, which made you uncomfortable in his presence. His beingness reflected the specific kinds of lack in your creative expression that were not so pleasant to look at for any great length of time. With his passing, you get to review your own resistance to your creative fulfillment and not necessarily seek ways to better express but to become aware of the blockages to that expression. In this way, Kenn has indeed left you with a gift on an appropriate day. As you know, all the complexities of these events may not come to light all at once. Therefore it would be wise to accept and be grateful for the information available now and know whatever else is necessary will be in the light in its own time.

Current day footnote: As Roger typed this, he clearly recognizes his previous doubt that was meant to be further dispelled at this time as it is for you. You will be fine.

Eventually, you come to understand and accept the reason you were born

Eventually, you come to understand and accept the reason you were born

May 29, 2021
Eventually, you come to understand and accept the reason you were born. We wanted that lengthy title, and we will also say it contains the truth of every soul, and we will explain a bit more.

We have said you are moving through a restructuring in your life and that of your world. You have done this many times and if you have difficulty thinking of it in terms of your life, simply look at your world. You have been given the gift of history, which many fail to use to their advantage. But today, we will use Roger’s history to aid you all.

We gave a message a few years ago that we told Roger to find today and post. As you read it, understand that yesterday, the person he knew would help him fulfill this goal appeared. You each have this experience built into your lives, and the next several months will reveal more. All those who read us, however, will be more inclined to be loving.

July 2, 2017
You only have to do your job well. Please keep that sentence in mind as you study this message, and you will gain freedom as well as renewed motivation.

Everyone is born with a purpose or a particular job to do. No purpose or job is more important than another, and all are necessary or essential for your world to expand continually. It is the same in your personal life. You could not make any choices unless you had various things from which to choose. As you make a choice, you gain wisdom or expand. Your world does the same thing, and everyone that exists then is necessary for the act of making choices to occur, which causes that expansion of your world. That is evolution.

You do not have to attempt to do the jobs of all those others. Understand how important your job is and decide to do that well.

You are only beginning now

You are only beginning now

May 28, 2021
You are only beginning now. The purpose of that sentence is to point out to each of you your impatience and disconnection from your life journey’s integrity. Yes, we will explain that, and each of you will find your personal relief in what we deliver.

Last night while in a meeting with other professionals of many different career vocations, there was a comment made by one of the members that irritated Roger, for which we are pleased. The comment intimated that there were different levels of spiritual development, and somehow, the others were not in the "right" place. That idea is the one that each of you came to dispel. We say that for we know who will read our messages.

You are moving through a significant restructuring to remove limitations from your personal experience, that of your ancestral family, and the world as a whole. Every person is in the right place in their life for their evolutionary journey, and any thought to the contrary halts your progress.

Please honor your place in the world, the right timing of it all, and the contribution you came to make. We know this message might be confusing at first, but study it more, for its importance will be revealed, and you will be fine. ‘

You rarely know your potential

You rarely know your potential

May 27, 2021
You rarely know your potential. We would like each of you to think on those words, and a bit of irony will be revealed and also a few of your past difficulties.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, the purpose of which is to allow you to evolve, so you aid the world. It would then make sense that you continually discover more of your undeveloped talents and abilities as you move through this process.

There is one thing we wanted to point out in this message after we gave Roger enough time to get out of the way and over his ego to provide you with this information. Roger has continually doubted the things he felt he was to do or create, only to find out later that his doubts were always unwarranted. It is the same for you, but because he now knows this on such a deep level, he’s fulfilling the mission he also doubted, as will you.

This message is meant to say to each of you that potential is only that. But the manifestation always happens if you act upon it. If you remember, we gave you a message some time that told you self-discovery might be frightening, but you will be fine.

There is a reason you get nervous

There is a reason you get nervous

May 26, 2021
There is a reason you get nervous. We will give you two quick stories that will make sense, and then we will lead to a message we gave you some time ago that will further answer the question for you all.

Yesterday in a group meeting with many of those in helping professions, some began to talk about how nervous they would get before they had to speak. We gave Roger information to offer, but the group was ending, and he didn’t have the opportunity, which was a perfect setup for what comes next.

Then last night, in a meeting with his associates, Roger was asked why he kept talking about our communications as weird to him, for they lived a life that this type of communication is not strange to them. You each are born into the time-space continuum at the right time and in the right places to offer your evolvement to others as you experience yours. We wanted that exact sentence, and some of you may not understand it today, but eventually, you will.

The message we will leave will tie all this together and address why some of you struggle financially and emotionally. We had Roger deliver today’s message somewhat blindly, but we want you all to read it over and over, even though it may be lengthy. You will be fine.

May 8, 2021
Value yourself more. We are speaking to every person, for that was the mission of anyone who decided to be born. You intended to become more, and in even a very mundane way, you can notice the value you might have gained simply by living your lives, but at times you are the ones who do not recognize what you have accomplished.

You are moving through a massive restructuring to provide you with the opportunity to value yourself more. Many of you can recognize the tremendous urge you have felt over more than the last year to become more in some way.

We will use the idea of money for it is the perfect topic for today as Roger has a webinar later entitled "How can I earn more money," so of course, we gave him two incidents to illustrate the point. Not all of you will use money as the measuring stick for your worth, as you may use some other form, but you do use something.

Yesterday Roger received an email from someone asking for a refund for a subscription they forgot to cancel. What was evident to Roger was first the fact that the amount he charged for this product was undervalued to begin with, but Roger was the one who set that up. So the way he can earn more money is to stop setting his standards so low. The same is true for you in the area of your life where you have undervalued yourself.

Another incident was discovering another taking advantage of a privilege Roger had granted them, which had a monetary cost. Hence, the way Roger can earn more money in this instance is not to give away those privileges.

You each have issues of worth, as you may think of them, but you were meant to have them. We will leave you with the question you are being asked during this restructuring, and you will answer it in a manner that will not only cause you to value yourself more but also all those who came before you and those who will come after. If you don’t value yourself more, how could you expect that from others?

All healing is internal, eternal, and universal

All healing is internal, eternal, and universal

May 25, 2021
All healing is internal, eternal, and universal. We do hope that title was intriguing enough for more of you to hear our words, and for those that do and choose to understand, you will accomplish more of what you intended in this lifetime.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring that is far more than only this particular lifetime. Still, most of you, including Roger, do not have accurate memories of previous lives, so we will use this one because that is what each of you intended.

Roger has allowed us to speak more, which is an indication that more of you would follow us are giving yourselves more permission to embrace yourselves. While Roger has always felt maybe this was part of what he wanted to achieve in this life, he didn’t know how that would occur as you did not, and that was purposeful for you each came to move through limitations in your life that would then impact your world.

When Roger awakened, he felt a heaviness and a feeling of wanting to give up, which has occurred more times than he would care to remember. But then we always intervene as your guides do for you. We led him to a video from someone he recently began to view, and they said words that we had given Roger decades ago that now made sense. More importantly, he noticed how he was more willing to embrace them when they came from another source, which you might have done, which is always a denial of the self. This current restructuring is providing you each with the opportunity to move through eons of limitations. We mean in your life, which does affect your world and, surprisingly, your ancestors.

We will give you one story and what sparked this information which we have never provided. Today’s date stood out for Roger as it is the birthday of someone from forty-five years ago that Roger blamed for many of his life challenges. Last night Roger found himself in a situation reminiscent of that very time, but this time Roger made a new choice, and so will you.

Whatever lifetime challenge you have held on to will be lifted during this restructuring, and what we also said to you all is to be patient. The reason we pointed out the number of years it has taken for this revelation to be made clear to Roger you each hold the same opportunity in your life. When you move through your challenge, you will help the world, and you have also helped your ancestral bloodline who could not have known what you do now. Forgive yourself now, realize you were accomplishing great things, and you will be fine.

Judgment is always your greatest challenge

Judgment is always your greatest challenge

May 24, 2021
Judgment is always your greatest challenge. We are speaking of you, the person, and to your world. Yesterday Roger held his webinar and allowed us to come through and speak. It was somewhat scary at first, but then it became oddly familiar. We say that because we told him many years ago that he would remember who he was as we have told you all, but you think there is some specific form your contribution to the world should take, and that is where your judgment has held you back.

Roger received several comments of thanks after the presentation. One person delivered a testimonial which, as usual, Roger did not accept fully at first for his self-judgment has been more prominent in his life as it may have been for you. You find it challenging to accept appreciation when you have not come to value yourself due to your self-judgment. And when you notice that and decide to release it, your life will expand.

This morning we told Roger to find a message we delivered some time ago, and even though it will make this message longer, it is essential for him and possibly many of you to place it here. Please study it closely, for you will use it to make decisions about your life moving forward. Don’t worry; you will be fine.

December 21, 2020
No one else can do the job you were born to do. And the great junction was real. Yesterday we mentioned the coming galactic shift occurring that coincides with the restructuring you all are moving through, and it will have a profound effect on you and the world. Your job is to figure out your place in this, for it does exist, and we will use Roger as an example.

We also mentioned the harmonic convergence of 1987, where we noted that Roger was not at a place in his life to understand or accept that occurrence, but this time it was different for him. It all began when he received information from a friend discussing your world’s current events, which they see quite differently. Roger then decided to record a video and consult us for our take on the occurrences and the information we have provided Roger. When the friend heard the recording, they said it was just Roger speaking, and he was doing so from his ego, and there was no Wilhelm there. That story we just gave you contains the difficulty you experience in your lives and causes external conflict in your world.

The purpose of the friend’s comment was meant to "save" Roger from his erroneous beliefs, and in fact, it did just that. One of the comments from the friend was that all the other spiritual leaders think differently than Roger. That statement is the one Roger needed to hear, and so do you. None of you were born to be carbon copies of other people, and you were given a unique mission to fulfill. How do you think a spiritual being sounds? The answer is you.

The great junction was meant to cause you to become more aware of your role in this world, but you get confused because you think it should look, feel, and sound like another, and if that were to occur, your world would cease.

We have much more, but we will give it to you tomorrow for today’s events, and those of tomorrow will inform our message more profoundly. Now the first step for you each is to own your job in this world and do it thoroughly. For Roger, that will now be his online program, which he truly believes can aid the world in healing, and as delusional as that may be to some, his great junction says it is valid for him, and he will aid others in that journey. We are so much more assured you will be fine.

You have always been on the right path in your life

You have always been on the right path in your life

May 23, 2021
You have always been on the right path in your life. While we have delivered many messages of this nature over the years, today, we will offer you and Roger more reasons to believe yourself. The only challenges any of you experience during your physical life journey is the constant and continual lack of belief.

We gave Roger specific instructions today for the webinar he is holding later in the day, where he will "finally" allow us to speak. We even told him where to begin with a specific message we delivered before. We even sent him so much information that he got tired of hearing our chatter.

But then this morning, he still asked for more, and we told him that if we gave him more information, that would defeat the entire intent of the excursion. If you knew where you were going in your life and had already experienced the results that manifested from that journey, there would be no point in taking the trip. If you hadn’t noticed, we were giving you information about your life.

We told Roger to trust the process as each of you is meant to do. We then told him to add a link to this message to register for the event. If they show up, they will receive the benefit, for it will reaffirm that they have never been on a wrong path and the one they wanted is being revealed now due to this restructuring, and you all will be fine.

Here’s the link for the event,, and Roger will send the replay if you cannot attend in person. You all do better when you place a bit of pressure upon yourselves.

You have prepared for this moment in time your entire life

You have prepared for this moment in time your entire life

May 22, 2021
You have prepared for this moment in time your entire life. You each are moving through this current restructuring because you desired a bit of motivation to take the next step on your evolutionary journey. We will help.

Tomorrow Roger is holding his webinar where he will allow us to speak full-throated for the first time in a public setting. We say that because he, like you, knew there was the next step to take in his life if he were to achieve what he desired during this lifetime.

What occurs for so many of you before you decide to take that next step is an uncomfortable feeling of fear of which its origin may escape you. That scenario occurs because you are moving into the unknown parts of yourself, which can be frightening because you feel unprepared.

What we have done, however, is prepare Roger beforehand. We have given him so much information that he will deliver tomorrow that was meant to be brought forth into your world at this time. The same is true for you regardless of what you may have thought about your life or chronological age.

We will explain in more detail tomorrow that each of you possesses a glorious future when you understand how powerful you are, which you will, and you will be fine.

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