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Day: April 7, 2021

You have always held yourself back because you wanted to

You have always held yourself back because you wanted to

April 7, 2021
You have always held yourself back because you wanted to. We wanted to use those precise words to indicate that you have lived before, but we know that concept is strange for many, so we will keep things to this lifetime, and we have plenty to speak on there.

You would not have been born unless you wanted to evolve, and holding yourself back provides you the perfect opportunity to do so. We hope that feels better.

We will give three stories to illustrate the point. A while ago, a friend questioned Roger as to why we used his name so often, ad it felt almost egotistic. There could be nothing further from the truth. We do that to make the distinction as Roger is quite aware that delivering these messages is cathartic for him as he is entirely aware of his human issues through which he is moving. Roger knows we don’t have them, so the feeling is quite different when he hears us. The same is true for each of you, but you may pretend you don’t hear anything at all when no words are exiting your mouths.

Then we gave Roger a memory he kept attempting not to remember! That may sound strange, but if you read our message on selective memory, it will make sense. You each do that as well, but not for the same reasons. Roger had a faint memory of being on a television show when he was twelve. He wasn’t even sure the memory was real, so he asked his older brother, who confirmed the event occurred. That incident is one many of you have for you think if you forget what you are attempting to achieve in your life, you may not have to complete your task, but you always do.

Then on Monday, Roger received a message from the leader of a Facebook group in which Roger is a member, and they asked if Roger would speak about the group at the Zoom meeting the next day. When Roger began to speak, he could sense all the eyes on him, and they hung on to his every word. Another lady in attendance also channels and asked Roger to be a part of her group on Clubhouse, which was a welcome invitation because Roger allows certain social media activities to intimidate him.

Then Roger received a message from the leader of that group thanking him for his contribution. Then the leader had a "memory." They had followed Roger on his singing channel and only now knew why Roger was familiar.

Here is the good part. The leader asked Roger to connect so they might do something together, and when Roger saw the message, he didn’t answer and went to bed. His awareness of that withdrawal was uncomfortable for the precise reason the friend mentioned about being egotistical, but differently. If only Roger could be a bit more egotistical, acknowledge his worth, earn more money and help more people, his restructuring will be successful, and you will all be fine.

That last sentence was for you.

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