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Day: April 4, 2021

You were born to doubt yourself

You were born to doubt yourself

April 4, 2021
You were born to doubt yourself. We know that title may seem a bit strange, but it will make sense when we attach it to the message we gave you all a year ago on this day of celebration.

You are moving through a massive restructuring, and this one is meant to coincide with your resurrection. We mentioned yesterday that Roger has had difficulty with particular holidays as they remind him of what he wanted to accomplish in his life but doubted he could do so. Each of you has done this in some area of your life, and it was purposeful. You could never come to appreciate who you have evolved to be unless you had doubted yourself before. Again, you have done it many times.

Read this message and apply it to your life, and know you will be fine.

April 12, 2020
Why would you choose powerless? That question is one that each of you would do well to ponder this day. We must tell you, this message is one of the most challenging for Roger to write. Every year on Easter and Christmas, Roger struggles to speak his mind. He does this due to fear of judgment, but also the recognition of his weakness. You all will understand this.

There is an interesting thing that many humans do, and that is to deny their power. It is not possible for you to miss this point if you have read our messages. But it is possible for you not to believe them or deny them, precisely as you have done with Jesus. We gave you that message some time ago.

Here are a few of the conflicts, misconceptions, and hypocrisy you each have embodied. We will speak for all your leaders, guides, and gurus who attempted to give you these truths. You have been given everlasting life, but you believe you will die. You have access to all the power of God, yet you believe you are powerless. You are told you are all one, yet you make others wrong and less than you. We could go on, but you each will have time to contemplate this, and that was not accidental either.

It is our hope that each of you decides to be powerful because you were told you possess that as well.

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