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Day: April 1, 2021

The reason you don’t believe yourself

The reason you don’t believe yourself

April 1, 2021
The reason you don’t believe yourself. While we don’t know your reason precisely, we do know Roger’s, and sharing his here will aid all for you are connected, and many who read our words are doing so because it is a part of their evolutionary journey. We have often said that you each have one, and they are unique in every detail but similar in the grander scheme of things. We ‘won’t explain much more of that now.

Yesterday we told you we would provide you with the results from the webinar Roger held yesterday, and they even surprised Roger. First of all, it was the most aligned Roger had felt, and it was the most enjoyable. The webinar was planned for ninety minutes, but at an hour and forty-five minutes, Roger noticed the time and felt he should end it, but at the same time, he noticed those in attendance would have stayed longer.

This morning Roger awakened with a new question. "What should I do?" The reason he asked that question ties into the title of this message. Roger has a meeting today with a company to decide if he would work with them. Roger also noticed several other possibilities and was inundated with emails to the point where he felt overwhelmed and could not decide what to do.

We then said to him, do what you want to do and what is fun, which will lead you to all that you desire in abundance. Then we told him we already gave him the answer to what you should do years ago and he was the only one who didn’t believe it. The same is true for each of you when you encounter some challenges in your life. You can always solve it if you would believe in yourself. We will leave that message which will require no further explanation other than you will be fine.

December 10, 2009
There is no way better than your own. Now that includes some subjective words that should allow you to gain great meaning from the concept.

Your decision to live a physical life experience was for the purpose of contributing to the expansion and advancement of All That Is. The only way that you surely accomplish this is through your contribution to something "new." New here means a greater portion of what already exists. When you succumb to conformity, you squelch that very contribution.

This is also what may be felt by you as courage, and that in and of itself leads you to the contribution you intended.

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