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Day: March 5, 2021

The science of getting rich

The science of getting rich

March 5, 2021
The science of getting rich. We are using that title for two reasons. The first is we know it will cause more to read our words, and surprisingly, they may find more value than they imagined. The second reason is it ties together much of Roger’s life to help you to understand and accept yours.

Roger is struggling with what he believes might be the length of this message, and we told him to get over it, for that is also part of his restructuring as it may be for you. Many have yet to own their rightful place in the world, so feeling you may be infringing on others is challenging.

Yesterday Roger had more of his intuitive consultations, which have proven to be the most exciting thing he has done, and there was no money involved. We needed to make that point given the title of this message. At the end of the day, Roger had a meeting with a new contact who was to offer Roger advice on being selected to do a TEDx talk. The person asked Roger if he was exhausted after such a long day, and Roger said no because it didn’t feel like work to him. Roger felt in his rightful place there.

As the evening ended, Roger found himself in a familiar and uncomfortable situation that caused his level of anger to increase continually. Roger is quite aware that his anger is typically directed at himself, and the purpose is to force him to awaken. Roger also knows if he attempts to place the cause of that anger upon another, he misses the opportunity provided him to evolve. Every situation you experience is only for that purpose, but it may take you years, decades, or eons to figure that out, but now we will help.

We also told Roger he could have called this message, "the mysteries of your life are always revealed." If you remember yesterday’s message, we referred to empaths and narcissists and said enough on that because we knew today it would make more sense.

As Roger could not mitigate his anger and the uncomfortable feeling in his body, he went to bed to listen to videos to help him sleep. He did not sleep. Magically a video came up, which was uploaded two days ago. It was on Wallace Wattles and his talks on his "Personal Power Book." Now things began to make sense for Roger.

We have often referred to the folder Roger found, which he could not explain, titled August 2005. The dream in that folder was one Roger continually denied but also knew it held a more significant meaning. The year before, Roger began listening to Wallace’s audiobook entitled "The Science of Getting Rich." Roger didn’t quite understand it, but all the information resonated with him and made sense on a level he didn’t understand.

While the dates were fuzzy to Roger, we will provide more context. Roger rented a condominium in 2006 that was the most glorious place he had lived and offered everything he desired. It had a magnificent view of a park in front of his apartment with no obstruction. It was the most peaceful experience. Later, Roger decided to visit the park after he moved in and discovered it was Wallace Wattles Park.

While we know many believe you are moving through your lives accidentally, Roger does not think that, even when it is difficult for him to acknowledge the same. Roger then went to Wattles’s Wikipedia page and found he studied Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Ralph Emerson’s writings. Now Roger’s affinity for Emerson made sense.

As Roger listened to the recording of Personal Power, he was struck by the similarities to his program, "Empowerment Made Simple." We then said, "of course!" They are a part of your soul family, and eventually, you come to understand this. Then we told Roger and now you that he has created obstacles in his life that prevent him from progressing, and we often said they were distractions, and you can find many of our writings on the topic.

Roger also saw similarities in the progression of his life and that of Wallace. They both began writing more as they aged and put into practice the Science of Getting Rich principles, and the law always manifest the results.

Then we told Roger to follow up on yesterday’s theme and "randomly" search for a video, and he found the perfect one, and we will leave a link. But we will also leave a link to another video we had Roger hear when he came to his computer that ties this all together. You also might want to search our message on codependency for greater understanding.

We didn’t mean to turn this into a textbook, but this is for Roger’s edification, and some of you may be adventurous to follow it through, and your revelations will awaken as well.

You each are here to evolve, contribute and help the world become more, and there are no wrong ways, and every part is essential, including yours. No matter how long you have carried limiting behaviors, you can change them, and your antagonists help you. When you understand that, thanking them will accelerate your healing, and finally, you will be fine!

The year 1994 of Roger’s life now made sense due to this video, and some of you will find clarity here:
This video brings it together and explains why we say you will be fine, and further informs Roger’s life, and maybe yours:

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