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Day: March 1, 2021

No matter how hard you try, you still have not failed

No matter how hard you try, you still have not failed

March 1, 2021
No matter how hard you try, you still have not failed. We wanted that precise title to capture a few more eyes, and now we will explain what we mean. You might also come to understand why so many of you find yourself yelling at God as Roger was tempted to do yesterday.

Yesterday Roger held his webinar, for which he also had a high expectation. We said there would be more in attendance, but there were fewer during the event, which is when Roger began yelling at us. Then we said, you know failure never occurs, and accidents never happen, so there must be more to this story by consequence.

Roger thought so many would attend as he hired a gentleman to help. After the event, Roger sent an email to this gentleman asking what might have gone wrong while, on the other hand, knowing nothing had gone wrong, and there was more for him to discover as you all are during this restructuring.

Roger is fully aware that he is moving through the limitations of his evolutionary journey with the full awareness that his actions affect all others, and he has always taken on that responsibility while at the same time retreating from what he felt "called" to do.

This morning Roger knew he was experiencing old emotions triggered by yesterday’s events, and we took him back more than thirty years. Roger had planned a show at a restaurant. Roger went to great expense for this show, including hiring musicians and paying for ads and flyers. Roger’s expectation was many would show up. Three people were there. Roger looked at them and decided he would do the best show of his life for these people because they showed up, and his most important goal was to fulfill his purpose and entertain them. Roger did that precisely, and it turned out to be the catalyst for other success in that arena.

The same thing occurred yesterday. We also told Roger, your expectations are always limited, and when we said more would be in attendance, they were, but it will take some time for them to manifest as it is with anything you plant and as it is with the restructuring of your world.

Later last night, Roger recognized as he did thirty years ago, he is committed to this new arena. When Roger began working on his program last night with his associate, he noticed what he had not done, and now due to the restructuring the event of yesterday caused him, Roger will commit to this new path, so again, there was no failure, and you will be fine.

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