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Demonstrate and teach what you wanted to know

Demonstrate and teach what you wanted to know

March 31, 2021
Demonstrate and teach what you wanted to know. We are accomplishing two things with the message. The first is we are answering Roger’s question as to what he will do during his webinar today. The second thing we are accomplishing is giving everyone else the road map to success and abundance in their lives, including you.

Every soul is born to evolve, and since you are all one and connected, whatever level of evolvement that occurs for you is felt by all. Many have not recognized their significance as Roger did not for years, and he will demonstrate and teach today.

We will give you the results tomorrow. However, we will provide you with something else to ponder. Many of you have leaders in various areas that become so because they share with you how they accomplished that, and those icons are never shy about discussing their challenges, for they know it will help you. Why would you not believe that about yourself?

You will eventually as you are being restructured, and you will be fine.

All truth is relative, and yours is correct

All truth is relative, and yours is correct

March 30, 2021
All truth is relative, and yours is correct. That sentence is true for every person, and now we will explain. We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring that the United States would lead. Much of this did not make sense to Roger until we began giving him more information last night.

The United States was deemed to be the free world leader, only to discover now that all the inhabitants were not free. That cumulative feeling of deprivation brought awareness to you that could not have occurred without all the prior year’s events. Roger heard things yesterday that he knew to be untrue but saw so many believing them as he witnessed with last year’s election. In his anger, we said to him to tell his truth.

Now we come to the point of the restructuring and how helpful the United States has been. Many of you do not act or come to know your truth unless you feel a reason to do so. And you have had many.

Then we told Roger to search for our messages on truth, and again, he was shocked to see how many there were, but we want him to post the earlier one here without reading it first thoroughly for that way, it will be so much fun for him. You will enjoy it as well because each of you moves through your lives doubting your truth, but you would never come to know it unless you had done so. We love this message so much, but we will also say it may require a few readings for understanding, but you will be fine.

April 22, 2009
What others think of you is none of your business.
You have spent a great deal of your life experience making decisions, taking actions, and speaking words, based on what you think the reaction will be, from all those others, about all you do. When you decided to have a physical life experience, you intended to continually seek to know, activate, and own your own truth. This is not possible when you base what you do upon others.

You are a unique, magnificent, and capable being, as are all others. You each had your own individual purposes and desires of what you desired to create and manifest in your own way. When you permit yourself to own your own unique experience, you then give that same permission to others.

You eventually understand that what you see as "problems" in your collective physical world stems from others trying to have others believe and accept their truth. Your only "job," as it were, is to know your own.

Eventually, you stop denying who you are

Eventually, you stop denying who you are

March 29, 2021
Eventually, you stop denying who you are. We were going to begin this message by stating how long it took Roger to write it, but we must report that time was shortened considerably. Roger’s prior hesitation in delivering some of our messages has been caused by his embarrassment at discovering things he thought he should have already known. We then always point out that if he had already known them, there would have been no point in him having a physical life experience.

You each are moving through a restructuring, and for it to accomplish what you set forth, you must also become willing to release your old self, which held all the limitations you wanted to move through in this life. You each will do what is for your evolutionary journey. Roger has known he was moving beyond the fear he held about whatever vision he believed he was given about his life, just like you. You may have difficulty accepting that you are the person born to achieve whatever you thought you were meant to achieve, and we tell you that you are or would not have been provided the vision.

Yesterday in a conversation with a friend, the friend remarked to Roger that he is continually "surprised" as he discovers these new elements of himself. Roger then commented that he would not judge himself for that behavior, and Roger also "remembered" what we told him in 1989. We told him to post that message here as it will help him and all of you, especially during the next several months of change in your world. Read the message and then know you will be fine.

February 3, 1989
You will find on this path you call life that there will always be revelations, so to speak, as you continue to remain "awake" and "conscious" on your journey. It will seem somewhat inconceivable that you have previously missed some of the more obvious answers as you view the experiences of your life. Be careful not to allow the revelations to cloud your view by remonstrating (I know you like that word) yourself for a feeling of inadequacy that is only your opinion. It would be much wiser instead to welcome the new awareness with gratitude, and you will find that they will occur more often. You have indeed uncovered a great deal about yourself, and isn’t that the whole point? Now you feel the impetus to continue with your work, and in so doing, you will find a deeper meaning to your endeavors. Relish in them.

Your life is perfect, you were given everything you need, and you are the only one who judged it differently

Your life is perfect, you were given everything you need, and you are the only one who judged it differently

March 28, 2021
Your life is perfect, you were given everything you need, and you are the only one who judged it differently. We wanted Roger to use that entire long title for it contains the answer he has sought to explain his work, his program, and his life, and now we will explain it to all of you.

Last night we told Roger to go back to the writings of 1983, so he might remember a bit more of what he was up to in this lifetime. It felt horribly uncomfortable for him to do so, for he was embarrassed that it took him thirty-eight years to come to this recognition, but at the same time, he knew he could not have come to it sooner if he were to fulfill his life mission this time. Yes, we are still referring to your former lives, and if more of you would accept that premise readily, you might not judge yourselves so harshly this time.

You are moving through a massive restructuring in your life and the world, and of course, you are witnessing and experiencing things that have never occurred, and the same is true for you. You were born to evolve, so it is ridiculous for you to judge yourselves for not having been there already, as Roger has done so often.

After we convinced him to look at the writings, we instructed him to post just a few lines here. The point is to show each of you that you are always provided the seeds in your life to grow magnificent things when you accept them rather than judge yourselves. In an instant yesterday during a webinar, this information became crystal clear for Roger, and he can see the perfect timing in his life, and he has no more important mission now than to provide that to others.

Here are a few lines from that writing intended to have each of you honor who you are and use this restructuring to your best benefit.

"Many times, it seems as though as hard as we try, we are not where we want to be in our lives or where we think we want to be. If we take a careful look back in our past, we will recognize many of the times when we desired certain "things" and how many of those "things" have come to pass, and we still have the desire, only for different "things." The truth is as long as we look to the external world for fulfillment, we will never really have what we want, for there will always be other "things" to desire. When we reach this level of understanding, we can then accept our completeness here and now and live continuously in the present moment. The other important aspect to remember about longing for certain "things" to fulfill us is that in so doing, we lengthen the time of their attainment. When you consider you create your experience through your thoughts, you realize the thought you hold while longing for something is – you don’t have it."

We will stop here as there is much more. All of it is nothing any of Roger’s friends, family, or acquaintances have seen, which may be the case for you. Roger’s recognition of this is initially uncomfortable for him, but it also fortifies and motivates him; for now, his life and program make sense, and now he will help more of you know you will be fine.

The biggest lie you have told yourself

The biggest lie you have told yourself

March 27, 2021
The biggest lie you have told yourself. We mentioned that we gave Roger four subjects to explain his program better, and this is the final one. Roger did not know how we would describe this one, just as he does not know or actually trust what we give him until after it has manifested. While this is a tedious process for him, it is also the one he knows he was born to do, hence the title of his upcoming webinar.

The biggest lie you each have told yourselves is always that somehow you are not capable. Initially, due to your human inclinations, you will interpret that statement negatively. Because you have not accepted, you are eternal spiritual beings in a constant state of evolution, and your evolving is aligned and coincides with your world and this current restructuring.

If you haven’t noticed, you are moving through an extraordinary time that will avail you of much more of your personal power when you understand what is occurring. Last night Roger watched a few news reports on events in the United States, which again we said would lead the way in this restructuring, and you witnessed evidence of that with the insurrection. You each are having one as well.

Roger became quite angry, and he knew that experience was meant to cause him to awaken to another previously denied part of him. Each of you was born to evolve, which occurs when you embrace more of who you are. During a conversation with a friend, they lamented on your world’s condition, and the friend asked what can be done? Roger said, add your positive energy. There could be no more positive action than that.

That statement from Roger then revealed what we meant about the big lie. We reminded Roger of papers he recently found that he began writing in 1983 what seemed to him to be a book. Roger has only attributed our communication to 1983 because that is all he can consciously remember, but he has a much longer history like all of you.

Roger mentioned to his associates yesterday that as he was rewriting his book, he would do with the intention of offering hope, guidance, and inspiration without any concern if it would impact his business or further his program. That sentiment is the one he held when he began writing the book in 1983 but then spent the following years lying to himself that he was not capable of making a difference, which is the lie you each have held. Still, you did it for a great reason, and that is you wanted to evolve, and this restructuring is helping you, and you will be fine.

The most valuable thing you own is your story

The most valuable thing you own is your story

March 26, 2021
The most valuable thing you own is your story. That sentence is accurate for every person, including you, but you may have been telling an inaccurate story. We will have this make sense for you all, and we’ll give you something fun that if you follow through and listen, you may begin to develop more belief in your story, for that is all any of you lack in your lives.

We are accomplishing a few things here. First, we are giving Roger more information to describe his online program we created together, and we are providing more proof for him and you. When Roger awakened this morning, the words in the title of this message are the first words we gave him. We continually point out that this occurs typically in the morning or the wee hours of the night because that is when Roger allows himself to hear us more clearly. That sentence means you each have guidance you alternately choose to hear or not. Roger has become more willing to listen to us, which is why he has become more talkative.

Yesterday Roger was beginning to work on the "new" book, which we mentioned. He surveyed his audience for the title, which we told him he had all along, but Roger, like you, requires confirmation at times before he believes himself. The other point we are making with this message is to have more of you recognize nothing is happening accidentally in your life.

When Roger went to bed, he took a pad with him in anticipation of needing to write something if it came to him in the night. It did not. This morning, we told him that he already had what he needed, and Roger only needed to tell his story and make it the one he wanted to hear. That last brilliant sentence is what each of you is to do, and Roger’s program allows you to do just that.

You are living now during this restructuring so that you might tell a different story, and it will be the one you were born to actualize as the title said we gave Roger for his upcoming talk.

Here is the fun part. In the program, Roger recorded videos where he mentioned that most times, he found it easier to accept these spiritual or what some call new age principles if they came from doctors or great scientists. So to help him and you further, we led him to this video. We thought it would be pretty fun for you to hear it and know Roger had never heard it, and our words of yesterday and today are there.

When you decide you are not accidental, and your story can be a great one, you will be fine.

The video:

There is nothing wrong with you

There is nothing wrong with you

March 25, 2021
There is nothing wrong with you. Did you notice how quickly you opened this message due to the title? That occurred because so many of you who have yet to accept what you wanted to accomplish in your life begin to believe that somehow you are on the wrong path in your life, or you made so many mistakes, your life could not be that valuable. There could be nothing further from the truth, and Roger knows this, but because he, like you, decided to believe maybe something was wrong with him, he could not fulfill his life mission, which again is not true, and now we’ll explain.

We began yelling the tile to this message to Roger at midnight last night to the point where he almost got up to write the message then, but we did that simply so he might know how vital this information is for him as well as you. Roger has been attempting to find the correct messaging for his online program and even find the words that would explain its aim, and the title of this message is the only goal the program had and has. You will understand that sentence later.

Yesterday Roger told his associate that he would run a test to come up with the correct title for the book’s name. While we have said to Roger we have given it to you, he didn’t trust that, just like you may have thought something was wrong with you, and the goal or dream you had for your life was an illusion. Again, Roger knows that is not correct but could not bring himself to own that vision until we would not let him sleep last night until he could "hear" us. You each have guides which you alternately hear and pretend you don’t.

This morning Roger saw the result of his survey, and the winner was what we had already given him and the very thing his life was meant to offer, and that is "Empowerment Made Simple." We have continually said you all will be fine, and that will be true when you come to understand the title of this message, and now Roger knows for sure his program will aid many, but especially himself.

The time for you to become successful is now

The time for you to become successful is now

March 24, 2021
The time for you to become successful is now. This title is another we gave Roger several days ago and instructed him to use it to describe his program’s contents and the results it would deliver, but he didn’t know how we would illustrate the point until last night.

Roger was preparing for a talk he is to give today and, in preparation, reviewed one of the videos on life purpose. Roger found himself engaged as he watched and knew if others saw it would aid them as well. Then Roger had this incredible feeling of regret, which we have spoken of often, and even placed something in the program to combat the useless occurrence of regret.

You only regret anything in your life when you have yet to gain value from the thing you are regretting. The regret Roger felt was due to his thought that if he had recognized this sooner, he could have been far more successful, and we told him that is not true, and we have it pointed out in the program.

Roger was able to recognize a long-standing challenge he’s carried. That is not trusting his creation until he received confirmation of the validity of whatever that might have been. Yesterday Roger received a royalty payment on the album he recorded twenty-one years ago, and Roger remarked that the amount was far more than he ever received. We then pointed out to him that he doubted that creation then, but now he is still receiving the results.

During this restructuring, Roger is to trust that he will receive the same results if he releases more of the doubt with this creation. We say more because there will still be a healthy amount of doubt that arises for each of you to keep you moving. But during this restructuring, you have something in front of you that was limiting that you wanted to move beyond to become successful now, and you will if you do whatever it is, and you will be fine.

The dream you had at twelve was real

The dream you had at twelve was real

March 23, 2021
The dream you had at twelve was real. That title is one we gave Roger several days ago as we said it would be how he would explain his online program’s purpose. When Roger wrote those words, he didn’t know precisely where we were leading him until today. In other words, you will have an intuition or feeling about something and then decide to follow through and discover your dream was real. You will discover how clever that sentence was in a moment.

This morning when Roger came to his computer, he saw a video from one of his new favorite people speaking on the personality type Roger recently "remembered" himself to be. As Roger listened, it was pretty evident to him why. Roger heard validation of who he is. The only reason we wanted him to use the free test we refer to is to use it as a tool for better acceptance and understanding of himself, which leads to an understanding of others which Roger feels now is his "job." We have used that often, but now it will make sense.

There was "another" mass shooting in the United States that greatly affected Roger, especially coupled with the shooting of last week, which also focused on the treatment of another minority group. Roger was watching news coverage, and his friend told him not to watch, and Roger said he had to, for he needed to know what was happening.

In the video Roger heard this morning, he was further informed that his personality type cared more about social justice and the betterment of all. Now Roger knew why he felt compelled to watch, but then he also came to understand why we gave him the title of this message.

When Roger was twelve, he and his family moved to a new neighborhood that was predominately composed of White and Jewish residents. Roger did not immediately notice that difference but only that he was in a new, unfamiliar place. Roger desired to become comfortable while at the same time feeling the opposite. The following year Roger moved into the eighth-grade graduating class, and after only being in the school for a semester, Roger was elected class treasurer. He had to give a speech at the commencement ceremony. To this day, Roger has no idea how he ended up in those situations or why he was elected.

Roger also didn’t know why he had the dream in 2005 where he felt he volunteered for a position and simultaneously ran from that acceptance. This story was meant to awaken your awareness to that idea of what you desired to do some time ago and why you are living now through this restructuring to have an opportunity to accomplish your dream. Roger will, you will, and you all will be fine.

Evolving can be scary

Evolving can be scary

March 22, 2021
Evolving can be scary. We gave Roger those words several days ago. We wanted him to use them to describe his online program and what help and assistance it might offer to others as they are on their evolutionary journey that is currently being accelerated during this restructuring. Of course, Roger knew that if we gave him those words, we would also provide him with a story to illustrate the point to you all, as Roger now accepts that as his role.

Yesterday Roger was putting together the next week of his program, which dealt with money. There was a video explanation Roger recorded more than a year ago. When he listened to it last night, he was a bit surprised and even called his associate to say how good it was, and he had not even followed it himself. Roger knew that if he had, his money situation would be quite different.

Roger could now see he had what he needed all along as you each do, but the scary part of your evolution journey is the one you allowed to affect you the most. Roger then experienced the next scary part of his evolution. Roger received a text from his friend a two in the morning as they were in physical distress. Roger was at a loss as to what he might do, but then he recognized why he had the experience and how it would help him take the next step in his evolution journey and the restructuring he desired to experience in this life.

Roger has held himself back by allowing others’ needs to become his personal distractions that prevent him from noticing he is not taking that next scary step in his evolution. We lovingly pointed out to him that you may have compassion for all others as that is your nature. Still, they, like you, must decide to move into the next step of your evolution, and each of you is doing it now, and whatever obstacle might be before you is the one you wanted to step over, and you will do so and be fine.

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