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Today is the day you choose to become more empowered

Today is the day you choose to become more empowered

February 28, 2021
Today is the day you choose to become more empowered. You have that opportunity every day of your life, but you do not always choose empowerment, and it may be for reasons unknown to you. We will provide a story from Roger that will inform this message.

Yesterday Roger participated in the launch of a new project where he gave a half-hour presentation on intuition, automatic writing, and channeling. When Roger began, he could see about 50 people on the call, and that’s pretty much all he remembers. As when he started to speak, we took over, and often when that occurs, Roger has no memory of what he said, for he too is "remembering" known information you all possess.

Because you each come into the world with different roles and agendas, you have difficulty recognizing your own. Roger is quite aware of this, which is why we say he struggles at times to allow the messages to come through, and then there are other times such as now when he must move beyond his anger. Roger also knows that every emotion you possess is valuable until you attempt not to own what you feel.

When Roger finished his presentation, he could see on the faces of those who were visible their raptured attention. After this glorious experience, Roger found himself repeating a pattern that caused that anger to emerge. Roger knew the cause, and he also recognizes the perfect timing of this in his life.

Roger has an event scheduled for today, and it will be attended by more than his previous events. It will be successful, and he will become more empowered due to his anger experience, which he will use in the webinar today.

Several days ago, we had Roger find a photo of himself and his family when he was twelve years old. Roger is holding his youngest brother, and he could see in that one photo the challenge he’s carried his entire life, but it is also one that will pay off today.

You each come into the world with contrast. You can think of contrast as opposite creations from which you might choose to find balance in your life. Roger saw his younger nurturing, loving side, as well as his vulnerability because of it, as he would nurture others before himself.

We will give you the conclusion tomorrow, but today we would like each of you to understand that you are uncovering limitations you’ve carried in this lifetime and others during this restructuring. It is not necessary for you to have specific memories but only to know you could not accomplish the goal you set for yourself in this life without contrast. Here is the line Roger will help you understand: all contrast is good, and you will be fine.

Stop pretending you don’t know what to do

Stop pretending you don’t know what to do

February 27, 2021
Stop pretending you don’t know what to do. We are using this message as a sort of reprimand to Roger, but you all will benefit. Yesterday we gave you a message that said you never needed to be more, meaning that everything you need to become whatever you desired to be was within you. The challenge you have with that statement is you immediately discount it or refuse it could be true about you.

Yesterday afternoon Roger had a consultation with a prospective client, and the minute they began, Roger intuitively knew why they were there. The excitement Roger experienced at that moment caused him to momentarily forget who he was and what his "job" was this time. Roger knew this individual was experiencing a great deal of fear as they felt themselves changing as many of you have, which we also said would occur during this restructuring. You all still hold some fear of uncertainty and the unknown. Roger knows this and has even written a book about it. What that individual sought, which you all do, is a mitigation of the fear you experience as you evolve. Roger knows this but did not do his job thoroughly, which we have said was to be love, and the only way you can do that is to be authentically you.

We ended there because what you all know how to do is embrace every aspect of yourself. You can do that when you become willing, and this restructuring is "pushing" you to do so, and you will be fine.

You never needed to be more, but you did want to evolve

You never needed to be more, but you did want to evolve

February 26, 2021
You never needed to be more, but you did want to evolve. You will love this message, and Roger would like to thank you for reading it, for it is also answering a question for him that you all hold. We will explain.

Roger has two events scheduled for this weekend. One that occurs tomorrow is one where he is to present information as a part of another organization, and the other is on Sunday, which is his hosted event. This morning Roger asked us what he should teach and how he could do so when these are two different events.
We said they are different events, but you are the same person, so teach what you know in each group. Roger then recognized how cleverly everything was arranged. Roger does not allow himself to think things are accidentally happening even when he is not sure how that may be occurring.

Roger sat with his mentor in a webinar yesterday that lasted more than seven hours. Roger recognized he heard information he heard more than a year ago. Still, now Roger is more willing to act on it as he knows it is part of his restructuring, and he is very clear even in this lifetime where he held himself back, so because of that, he also knows his "job" is to help others come to this realization.

All who are showing up to both events hold fear, doubt, and uncertainty about who they are and lack the confidence to achieve their goals. Who better than Roger to offer this information? Who is better than you to provide the information and wisdom you have gained in your life and aid in the evolution of your world than you?

The only person who ever doubted your ability was you

The only person who ever doubted your ability was you

February 25, 2021
The only person who ever doubted your ability was you. That statement is true for every soul, including you, but it is also what you wanted. If you did not doubt yourself or who you were in some manner, you would not be motivated to evolve, and that was the only reason you decided to be born. Yes, we know that concept is weird, but you could also choose to make it fun, as we will do now.

Late last night, Roger watched an episode of "American Idol," and Katy Perry commented to one of the potential contestants after her performance that reminded Roger of something we said. The contestant was fifteen years old and demonstrated extraordinary talent, so Katy said, "it’s obviously not your first time on this planet, but maybe this time you will fulfill your purpose." We had Roger record that part, for we said it some time ago, and each of you decided to be alive now to answer that question for yourself.

Roger received an email yesterday, which turned into an exchange that we told him to finish today. The person asked Roger how did he know the advice he was giving would work for everyone. Roger answered that email and felt a bit defensive, for he thought they might have doubted him. Then several more emails arrived, and the last one stated that this person felt Roger offered the best advice, but they only wanted to know how he knew.

You each will know what you have to offer the world, why you wanted to experience this restructuring when you answer the question from that person to Roger for yourself. You each have lived your life purpose, and when you acknowledge who you are, it will manifest. Then you will give up doubting yourself, and you will be fine.

You cannot explain creation, yet you will continue to attempt to do so

You cannot explain creation, yet you will continue to attempt to do so

February 24, 2021
You cannot explain creation, yet you will continue to attempt to do so. Many of you will find great comfort through this message. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, and we have said you’ve done it before. That concept is the one that most find difficult to accept, including Roger, even though he is the one receiving our communication. And it is precisely due to that configuration in his life that he finds value, and now so will you.

We will tie these strings together from several parts of Roger’s life that will help you. Yesterday, Roger had a consultation with a prospective client who had searched for Roger and knew they did not accidentally stumble upon him. During the session, Roger continued to ask questions to better advise this individual as to their life path. At one point, Roger knew there was a specific direction this person wanted to take in their lives but had been uncertain and feared doing so. Roger felt this energy and told the individual their inclination was correct, and they were moving in the right direction, and that the person who had inspired them was a good fit for them.

Roger can’t explain how he knew those things other than it was what he was meant to do in his life, which he knew from his experiences. When Roger created his program, he was quite aware that the information was effective, produced the results for participants he desired, and came through us, which Roger could never explain. You cannot explain your creation of you as well.

What we mean is you each were born to offer something new and different to the world. But depending on the extent to which you have allowed fear of the unknown to control your life, you have difficulty accepting the creation of you unless you have someone like Roger holding your hand along the way.

We have just given Roger and possibly you a way of explaining his program’s creation and himself as he has a meeting scheduled later today where he will be asked to do so. No great invention could possibly be explained before it is created fully, including you. Please study this and know you will be fine.

You can also choose to be successful and abundant

You can also choose to be successful and abundant

February 23, 2021
You can also choose to be successful and abundant. It was a bit challenging for Roger to write those words for two reasons. The first one is he knows they are accurate, and it causes him to examine his life and where he has failed to do so. Yes, it is always a choice you each have. The second reason is, he is also aware of the conditions of your world during this restructuring. And Roger often allows his concern for others’ feelings to prevent him from achieving the goal mentioned in the title of this message.

Many of you struggle with the same "issue" Roger has, which is not trusting your intuition. You each are born with the ability to feel your direction in life or what causes you to feel joy, but you ignore those signals to remain where you are in your life, for it feels safe to you.

None of you were born with that intention. You wanted to move beyond some limitation you have held in this life or even ones of which you have no memory. It never matters how much you remember because you do know where you have held yourself back in this life. Roger recognized much of this yesterday, and when that occurs, it also requires him to practice self-forgiveness, which we have spoken of often.

As you evolve, you become aware of where you did not do that before, and then you may tend to blame others or beat yourself up. Both behaviors are nonproductive and prevent you from becoming successful and abundant. Each of you is alive now to examine this in your life, and when you accept the honest answer you will receive and then act upon it, you will achieve the intent of this message, and you will be fine.

Where you are right now in your life is where you were meant to be on your evolutionary journey

Where you are right now in your life is where you were meant to be on your evolutionary journey

February 22, 2021
Where you are right now in your life is where you were meant to be on your evolutionary journey. Yes, we wanted that lengthy title, and now after much resistance from Roger, we will explain what we mean.

We awakened Roger at 4 AM this morning, and as he often does, he attempted not to hear us. We are giving you a lot of details here to further your understanding and belief. We then told Roger to find our earliest communications. Roger resisted that for hours, and then he decided to search for the folder, which he could not find, for we wanted him to locate a different one that will better inform our message of today.

Roger has always stated that our communications began in 1988 when in actuality, they have been with him his entire existence, which is beyond this life as it is with you. You each have stages of progression into greater consciousness to which you move, and they have nothing to do with linear or chronological time. You will come to understand that sentence.

The writing we led Roger to is from 1983, but it refers to the current restructuring of your world. We will post some here, and you each will apply it to your lives, the restructuring, and the United States, which will demonstrate this brilliantly.

"Your thoughts form what you see. When we form ideas from preconceived ideas, which may all be based on wrong information, the conclusions we then draw may also be wrong. The word wrong here means anything that does not comply with Universal Law. Once we again become conscious and form every thought anew, we can then create our world the way we want it instead of what we think has been handed to us. This is that great awareness of responsibility. It’s much easier for us to blame other people and situations for our current state of affairs because then we don’t have to do anything. Once we accept responsibility for every experience in our life, we gain true freedom. That freedom then is actually to create our own world. However, with responsibility, we don’t need to take on a tremendous amount of weight with it. Once we realize there is a power greater than we are that only desires our good, we don’t have to scheme and plot for things to work out for us. Then how do we know what to do? Or if what we are doing is the right thing? We know when we develop our inner ear, our intuition. We always have all the answers, for we live in Infinite Intelligence. How do we get on the right track? First, it becomes vitally important that we realize we are on the right track right here and now. We don’t have to do anything to have God’s love; just accept. We can spend a lot of time regretting our past, contemplating lost time and the like. Time is eternal, so to measure its value in relation to our own lives is pointless. The value of time can only be measured in terms of your own experience right now. If you are enjoying this very moment, your time is now valuable. If you are busy regretting the past or fearing the future, your time is wasted; there are no other choices. Again, we go back to principle – our thoughts create our experience. Once we have this knowledge, then our responsibility becomes to hold right thoughts. If our thoughts are good in our own terms, then our future will be but an outcome of the thoughts we have now! Any action we then take will surely set the Law in motion, bringing to us the fruits of our thought. The Law, however, is indiscriminate and will deliver to us that which we think into it, whether good or bad in our terms. Bad needs to be more clearly defined. Whatever we see as being bad will be that for us. However, if we are able to take all experiences and see them as opportunities for growth and learning, we then have more consistent good."

That is the end of the quote that Roger was unaware of until he just typed it, but it also informs him and you of your resistance to acknowledging who you are, but this restructuring is helping you all, and you will be fine.

You could choose to heal the world

You could choose to heal the world

February 21, 2021
You could choose to heal the world. We struggled with Roger for quite a while to get him to write those words because he, like you, does not believe that statement is possible. But then we told him that is because you do not understand where your world exists, and that is within you.

You are here now to facilitate healing within yourself which means total acceptance of who you are. You have never done this and do not want to. For if you did, your evolution and that of your world would end. These words will make sense to you, but right now, we want you to accept the possibility that maybe you have been here before. And just maybe you are attempting this time to accomplish more which is your individual healing which affects all the world, for you are all one. That last sentence is the one you all are putting more into place during this restructuring.

We will give you one story Roger attempted to avoid, which may awaken you to your avoidance in this life. Roger has often exhibited what we call false humility, meaning he does not want to speak on certain accomplishments for fear of boasting. That behavior has been his way of not achieving the healing he desired in this lifetime.

Yesterday Roger had a client sent to him by another client for that client sensed Roger could help this individual with his stuttering. When the session began, this new client could barely speak any words with clarity. Roger had an understanding of this condition, some of which he had a conscious awareness due to his grandmother, who stuttered. But there was another part of him that knew what to do intuitively. You each have this ability.

Within one half-hour, this individual, now twenty-four years old who said they stuttered since childhood, read a full paragraph without stuttering. Roger asked him if he had noticed what occurred, and the client said, "I read an entire paragraph without stuttering." Roger knew even though practice would still be needed; healing had occurred.

What you are up to in this restructuring is finding the lack of belief you have held about yourself and decide to move beyond it, and you will do your part in healing the world. There will always be more, and you will be fine.

The reason you were afraid

The reason you were afraid

February 20, 2021
The reason you were afraid. Every person who reads these words and is willing to become honest with themselves will find great value.

As we have said endlessly, you are moving through a massive restructuring. We have also said you have done this before, and you have done it many times. You have no conscious awareness of this, for if you did, it would be meaningless. Don’t worry; we will have this make sense.

You each have certain elements of your life experience this time where it feels to you as if you are repeating particular things and that there are these persistent problems, as you see them, which you have difficulty moving beyond. We are saying to each of you those things are valuable in your now life experience when you become willing to acknowledge them and decide to move beyond them this time.

Roger knows it was not accidental that he wrote a book on fear, and it is not a mystery to him that instances of fear in his life continue to arise. They are there for him to move beyond so he might aid all of you. Now that last sentence is accurate for every person. You were born with gifts and talents that lay dormant, awaiting your recognition.

We will give you a story that will help. Yesterday Roger received what some may feel was a disturbing message on his Instagram account about Roger’s associate. Roger knows that most would have judged this incident in a completely different manner than he did. Roger set up a meeting with this individual, for he knew it was showing up in his experience for a reason he could not articulate in the moment.

Roger had the session that went exceptionally well, and after the individual sent a text and asked Roger, "how did you know what I was going to say?" Roger said, "I don’t know, I just do." That story is the one each of you holds within yourself, awaiting your acknowledgment that you do know, and this period in your life is helping to acknowledge and own who you are.

You had fear as Roger did because you did not know where you were going as it was that unknown, but once you claim you do know, things will change, and you will be fine. (Just as you always have been.)

Nothing will stop you once you accept who you are

Nothing will stop you once you accept who you are

February 19, 2021
Nothing will stop you once you accept who you are. We are speaking to each of you directly, and we are doing it quite loudly. You will gain so much from this message which may surprise you. Roger would like to apologize for the length of this message, but we do not.

We awakened Roger to those words in the title, and he had a bit of hesitation with them as he has had for longer than is conceivable by you. We will tell a story, as that is Roger’s favorite way of moving through his limitations to aid others.
Roger received a phone call from his doctor’s office some time ago informing him that his clinic had the Covid 19 vaccine, and they asked if he wanted an appointment. Roger was a bit surprised as he didn’t think it was his "turn," and he was willing to wait. Roger accepted the appointment. Two days ago, Roger received two more phone calls asking the same question, and Roger didn’t understand why they didn’t know he already had an appointment. Roger also knows nothing accidentally occurs, so he waited until he could make sense of these events.

Yesterday Roger arrived at his appointment with a bit of unease because he was concerned he might not have enough time to make it home for his client. There is nothing more important to Roger than his clients. When Roger walked in, someone immediately approached him and asked if he would be willing to go first and be interviewed by television stations. Roger immediately said yes because now he knew he would not be late for his client, which was his only consideration. Keep following our thread.

Roger did not know this was the first day the vaccine was being administered at this facility. A reporter began asking Roger questions about his reason for being there and why he chose this facility. When Roger does not get in the way, we sneak in and tell the truth. Roger said, "I wasn’t really worried about me as I didn’t fear getting the virus, and I know my immune system is strong, but I have never been tested, I might have had it, and I don’t want to spread it." Keep following along.

Roger was then introduced to the facility’s head doctor, who informed Roger they would administer the vaccine. The cameras were on, and after Roger said, "that was wonderful." The entire room filled with staff and patients, then all applauded. Later that evening, Roger’s niece sent him a video clip from the news indicating the reach Roger’s action took.

Stay with us. When Roger got home, he and signed on to the appointment with his client things took a different turn. Roger assumed this client wanted to work on their music, but they immediately said, "why am I doing this?" The excitement that came to Roger was palpable. Roger said, "please record this, and now I’ll tell you."
We could write a book here, but we can tie it up for each of you now because no one reading these words will find exceptions. Roger had seen over the years how this client never appreciated their work. Even though others did, and their work often brought Roger to tears from its beauty, and often Roger did not understand the words as it was a foreign language.

Roger recognizes the lack of belief others have in themselves because he has carried it for so long. Then last night, while watching a game show, there was a question asked which Roger knew the answer, and the contestants did not. Roger did not know how he knew the answer, but he did.

As painful as this is for Roger, we will take over. Roger was about the leave the message without this part as he doesn’t want to intrude on your time, but we do. Others always know who you are, even when you don’t. Roger received the following email when he arrived home. Keep in mind Roger was wearing a "mask" when he went for his appointment, so he thought no one could see him.

"Hi, Roger – I wanted to thank you again for lending your face and voice to the TV crews this morning! I approached you because I could sense your warm and uplifting personality when you signed-in for your vaccine."

Here’s the punchline. You know the answer for yourself as well, and this restructuring is allowing you to recognize it finally, and then you will manifest the title of this long message into your life, and you will be fine!

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