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Day: January 22, 2021

What you attempted to do was impossible

What you attempted to do was impossible

January 22, 2021
What you attempted to do was impossible. Many of you will find this message helpful, especially during your current restructuring. We are giving Roger a lot of information, so he is taking some time to interpret.

Last night he had an incident that further informed him of his life purpose as may occur for you due to the amount of pressure you are experiencing in your life. We are also speaking in terms of your eternal life. So some of this may not make sense now, but it will eventually.

In a class Roger held, there was one participant he called upon to perform a demonstration. They continued to say they couldn’t do it, but Roger knew they could. Still, more importantly, Roger could not stop until they knew they could. There was a moment where Roger doubted what he was doing as others were watching, and the last thing he wanted was for this person to experience shame or embarrassment. It worked brilliantly, and the smile on the person’s face was Roger’s reward. That story was to inform the next.

This morning we told Roger to find one message entitled, "Nothing is ever hidden from you." We told him not to read it yet for it will be much more fun this way, not only for him but for you as well, you’ll see. And, you’ll be fine.

September 1, 2018
Nothing is ever hidden from you, but you and most others attempt to play a game of hide and seek, which you never win. Now, you wanted to contribute to others and all that is, through your life stories, and you can do so here.

You had an intention of who you wanted to be in your life when you were born but continually doubted that was possible, so you allowed difficult or challenging situations to show up to aid you. That sentence may not make sense, but that is what you did.

You made the unknown fearful so that you will never approach it, and then you believe you have won the game because what you were seeking was not found. You will move through this dilemma when you decide to not only embrace the unknown but become willing to jump into it, and then you will win.

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