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Day: January 20, 2021

Your hearing was always perfect

Your hearing was always perfect

January 20, 2021
Your hearing was always perfect. Yes, we are still speaking of the restructuring through which you are moving, and it may require patience on your part to become comfortable with your new self. It will be that for you in some manner, and we cannot tell you what that may be precisely, but because you are here and nothing occurs by accident, the story of Roger’s we will deliver will help you, for that is in alignment which Roger’s life path.

We have often said that Roger has been reluctant to deliver our messages, and it has never been that he doesn’t hear us, but more if he does, he knows he can no longer ignore what we’re saying, and he will have to take action. He did not take action most of his life, but this restructuring is aiding him, as it will for many of you.

You are uncovering parts of yourself long denied, and you required extraordinary events to allow you to stop long enough to notice. This morning Roger happened to catch a glimpse of the president-elect of the United States going to church. The image brought Roger to tears. Your political choices never matter, but your soul choices do. Roger recognized his, and then he "heard" us tell him to find a message. We placed heard in quotes because he pretended at first he couldn’t hear us and wouldn’t have to deliver the message.

See how clever we were in guiding you to hearing yourself? Now we will leave the message, and yes, you will be fine.

March 19, 2009
Tears of joy. We wanted you to begin with that precise title, discuss your story, including your reluctance to explain it, and you will come to a glorious conclusion for yourself and others.

In the middle of the night, you awakened, began to reflect on two incidents of your day, then what felt to be spontaneous, tears started streaming down your cheeks. Several things of significance occurred, but you only need to explain a few.

First off, the spontaneity of the experience was meant to capture your attention. Having it occur in the middle of the night was easier because you could pay attention and receive awareness. The awareness and the joy were you recognizing who you were meant to be, and your purpose was to help others experience the same.

The significant thing for you to notice was your reluctance to accept what you were receiving, not believing it, or being willing to discuss the process.

That is the problem you all have. You will now begin to give that up.

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