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Day: January 19, 2021

Now you will begin to understand why you were born

Now you will begin to understand why you were born

January 19, 2021
Now you will begin to understand why you were born. We used all those words deliberately, and many of you will understand them. We said you would begin, to indicate that you never complete your journey of evolvement. That sentence should also reignite your memory of your eternal nature, which lessens your belief in death.

This morning we told Roger to find a message that spoke of the salvation of the world. That reference is from "A Course in Miracles," which Roger completed more than thirty-some years ago but makes sense to him now. We often return to previous messages we have delivered because they begin to make more sense with your current level of understanding.

We will do that again today, and we will also serve two purposes. The first one will be you will accept why you wanted to be alive at this turbulent time in your world and what you desired to accomplish. The second one is giving Roger and his associates the words they sought to describe his work.

When you read this message and ask yourself what you wanted to accomplish in your life, you will "begin" to see the answer. You will be fine.

April 4, 2009
Your immediate acceptance of everything that shows up in your life experience is the key to your salvation. Salvation here means; freedom from your self imposed suffering.

Your acceptance says to the Universe that whatever it is, it is for your highest good, even when from your present limited perception you do not know what that is.

Your acceptance allows you to release your own judgment and resistance to any of it while allowing you to access all that is available for you.

Your acceptance means that you acknowledge that you create your own reality and that your intention is always expansion; therefore, whatever is before you is to aid you on that journey.

Your acceptance allows you to own, access, and activate more of your powers and abilities, simply because you know that you are never a victim and always a creator of your highest good.

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