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Day: January 18, 2021

Blaming them, or you will not help you accomplish your goal

Blaming them, or you will not help you accomplish your goal

January 18, 2021
Blaming them, or you will not help you accomplish your goal. Yes, we are speaking of your current restructuring, and for it to be effective, you are the one who must change. Your life path is unique to you and the one you wanted to live. During this current time in your life, you will be awakened to more of what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime.

It took a while for Roger to write this message, for he is moving through his experience of blame, and for him, it is really challenging for he knows we have provided this information numerous times, which is another point of this message. You evolve incrementally, meaning your consciousness and awareness expand continually. When this occurs, so can blame.

We are still using the United States as the example, for we have said they would lead the way, and that statement is one that not even Roger understood entirely, but we are giving you all more information. We must point out that you each are here for different reasons. Some feel that mundane things such as politics, science, and the like are of little concern to you. Still, Roger knows that is not his mission this time. Whenever he uncovers this, Roger blames himself more for his ignorance, which is entirely missing the point, for none of you know for sure who you could be until you achieve that, and you don’t know that until you decide to attempt to do so.

Roger watched the riot you all witnessed but what stood out for him was what many said they were rioting to accomplish, which was freedom. Roger wondered who had taken their freedom, and then he thought about who took his freedom, and the answer he has always known is it was him. No arbitrary forces are controlling you.

As you move through the next several weeks, you will be confronted with events that will allow you to choose who you want to be in this lifetime. If you believe someone has taken that ability from you and you blame them, you have also given away the power you intend to develop within yourself in your life. You will be fine, but please be patient.

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