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Day: January 17, 2021

Self-acceptance will be much easier

Self-acceptance will be much easier

January 17, 2021
Self-acceptance will be much easier. Yes, we are speaking of your coming events of your global restructuring. You will be provided with the opportunity to fulfill some evolutionary cycle you aligned for yourself in this lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you understand that now, for you will as Roger is doing now, which we will explain.

You are born to expand further in your abilities, talents, and skills, all of which cause your spiritual expansion. Like Roger, most of you do not believe that, and it may require years of your human experience to even partially believe that you were the person born to do something meaningful. Many times you thought your experiences were a punishment, as many of you feel about this pandemic. We do not.

Yesterday Roger had a shock to his system when he went to pick up his car that needed new tires. The amount caused him to gasp. Roger remembered that was an old tactic he wants to move through, and this experience will help him and you all. Any lack of anything in your physical life experience is due to you withholding some element of who you are.

Roger has known he has used any momentary lack of funds as a means for him to do more to fulfill his "job," and that is what he will do now. We will leave one of the many messages we have given him on money, but also we will recount a story that may help many of you as you move through the next few weeks re-establishing your footing in your new life, for it will be that.

In 1996 Roger was in the hospital and the recovery room after surgery. As he awakened, he was in excruciating pain. Roger heard several nurses in the room, but he could not speak. It was this horrible feeling of asking for help but feeling incapable, as many feel now. It was the most atrocious pain he had experienced, and in that instance, Roger thought death might have been an easier option. Today he knows that experience was to help him come to see the strength and power that existed within him and was only brought to life when he thought he could die, but it ultimately caused him to live. You will do the same after this period in your life.

That story was to illuminate you as to your coming experiences and what you will experience in your life, and you will be fine, especially since Roger is now more willing to help.

One of the money messages:

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