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Day: January 16, 2021

The world you desired to see is before you now

The world you desired to see is before you now

January 16, 2021
The world you desired to see is before you now. It took a while for us to convince Roger to write those words for two reasons. First, Roger is always more concerned about others’ feelings and knows what others may be experiencing as they view your world, but Roger cannot see that, which is the second reason. Roger has held back his vision of who he could be just as you have, which is why you wanted to be alive now to accomplish something on your evolutionary journey.

That paragraph will seem confusing at first and become more evident over the next few weeks. You are moving through a massive restructuring, and we also said the United States would lead the way, and most would think that was a ridiculous statement, but Roger does not, and now we will explain why.

We told you that we guided Roger last year to study history, and he did so through documentaries. Through that study, he began to witness evolution cycles, which always meant humankind would become more humane. Even a slight review of your history will prove that point. How you accomplish this individually and therefore collectively is by embracing more of who you are. You do not do this most times because you fear change and do not want to move into some unknown place, and you create resistance. You will witness this in the US over the next few days, but you desired that as well.

Then you will be faced with making a choice as to who you want to be. No matter the choice you make, it will aid your evolution, and there is no right or wrong in any of your choices, for they are all necessary for evolution to happen. You have wanted something for quite a while. And this time in your history is allowing you to recognize what that may be.

The challenge you have is believing that whatever you wanted to do was possible. Still, you decided this restructuring would be an excellent time to try things out, which happens during these periods. The United States is doing this, and it is in place, but it will take time to manifest as things do in your life. You do not plant seeds and expect them to bloom the next day.

One last example we will give you is a series of events that Roger knew was us directing him to examine things for himself as you are doing now. Where have you held yourself back from who you believed you could be?

Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday, and we have spoken of Roger’s affinity for him. An odd thing occurred on Roger’s phone that created a comparison of Roger and Martin of sorts, and Roger could see the connection. Each of you is inspired by others, so you might inspire others when you believe in yourself.

This morning we told Roger to find our message from a year ago of that date. We will leave the link, and those of you who read it will be reminded of a vision you held of yourself that is ready to bloom now due to the world you see now, which again you wanted, and you will be fine.

The message:

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