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Day: January 15, 2021

Soon you will allow yourself to hear yourself

Soon you will allow yourself to hear yourself

January 15, 2021
Soon you will allow yourself to hear yourself. We wanted to find the most cryptic title to begin this message to explain further the current restructuring you are experiencing. Again, you will typically think that restructuring is happening somewhere out there, but it occurs within you. The sooner more of you believe that, the quicker you will accomplish the goal you set for yourself in this lifetime.
We must say this will be a long message, but one that is necessary for Roger to write, and those who decide to go along for the ride will undoubtedly discover why they have done so.

We will begin with a story from last night. Roger held a group class, and at the end, as he was about to sign off, one participant asked him to wait as they had something to say. They told Roger that the day had been challenging and has been that way for years due to a memory of a personal loss. But yesterday, because they were in Roger’s group, it was much easier to move through it all. Roger felt himself push back on that comment, which is something he has done most of his life. You had done the same in some manner, and it would be difficult for that not to occur, for you are living a new life this time with more for you to accomplish.

Then we told Roger to find the message of ours that said men don’t leave. That was a reference to a film that touched Roger profoundly, and he didn’t understand why. As Roger search for the title, it took him to another message, and he didn’t know why. When he read the message, which, as we said, is long, the meaning made sense. The point of this Roger, like you, has always received guidance he didn’t understand, but now, due to this evolutionary change, he is willing to hear himself more as you will.

The next few weeks will present conflict designed to allow you to know who you are. The world is not ending, and neither are you, but when you allow yourself to hear yourself, you will accomplish your mission on this journey. You will be fine.

The "long" message:

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