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Day: January 8, 2021

Please begin again but forgive yourself first

Please begin again but forgive yourself first

January 8, 2021
Please begin again but forgive yourself first. We used the word please to appease Roger, for he, like many of you, feels a bit exhausted with this current restructuring you are experiencing, but that is purposeful. You wouldn’t know anything occurred without your visceral, emotional, and intellectual reaction to the events of your world.

Roger spent the last several days in workshops. He continually uncovered things about himself he had been unwilling to do during his life and career, which caused him to begin to beat himself up, which is why we said forgive yourself first. As long as you are in existence, eternity, there will be more evolution. If you knew what that was beforehand, it would not be evolution. Please read that sentence again.

What you witnessed yesterday in the United States was the beginning of asking for forgiveness and contrition. Each of you holds the responsibility for what has occurred in your history. Still, you created this restructuring to create the future you want with what you have accumulated so far. Any amount of regret, judgment, or guilt will deplete your available energy in doing so.

This morning we told Roger to look up the words, begin again in our messages, and he was astonished to see how many there were. You are always beginning again, but what you desired to learn this time around is that you do it much better together, which means you are coming together.

We will explain more, but know you will be fine, and read this thread for further enlightenment.

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