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Day: January 4, 2021

You have lived your life purpose

You have lived your life purpose

January 4, 2021
You have lived your life purpose. We thought that title might capture your attention, for most of you spend a significant portion of your physical life experiences trying to find something that has always existed within you. Still, you failed to believe or trust in some way.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, and another way you might think of it is, you are here this time to complete or improve upon something you had not. It is different for each individual, so you must find yours, but frequently the thing you want to do feels strange and foreign to you, so you neglect to trust your guidance, which is always revealing your life purpose.

Roger has known he was to come to trust and believe in himself and then help others accomplish the same. Like you, Roger would think that someone else must have already achieved what he was to do, which is the greatest impediment to your evolution. You came to do something new that is unique to you, and it is essential for the evolution of your world.

Last night before retiring, Roger opened an email from a client who visited our mediation and automatic writing program. We have often spoken of Roger’s reluctance to talk about this subject even though we had him create the program years ago. What he saw from the client confirmed what Roger only slightly believed he was meant to do. It surprised and shocked Roger and brought him to tears. Those were tears of recognition and cleansing, and each of you will experience the same through this restructuring, and you will be fine.

We will leave you with the previous message to encourage you to find and own your life purpose, which has been "hiding" inside you.

October 29, 2019
Your life purpose will find you. First of all, understand that this message has been decades in the making. That statement will provide solace for many of you. Several days ago, Roger had what he thought was a "brilliant" idea to acquire new clients, so he created a contest. The entry condition included submitting a description of what they wished to accomplish or achieve through his coaching. Roger’s original intention became usurped by what he discovered, which was his life purpose.

It may appear to many of you that he has known and accepted that, and you would be incorrect. He doubted it until yesterday. As he read the entries, he saw right in front of his face every difficulty, problem, or challenge he had experienced in his life, so Roger knew he had something to offer now. Now is the operative word, which, as we said, this has taken decades. It doesn’t matter how long it takes any of you to discover your purpose, as it is there, but it is your responsibility to live it.

Roger’s purpose is to help others find their purpose, and your purpose as well will show up through your life experiences. Lastly, many of you misunderstand the meaning of purpose. Your only purpose in life is to become your best self because that helps you and the world evolve. You all will come to know this with certainty.

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