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Day: January 2, 2021

Please create a new world, for that is why you were born

Please create a new world, for that is why you were born

January 2, 2021
Please create a new world, for that is why you were born. We hope those words captured your attention, and we also recognize when you examine your world, you may find that to be an overwhelming task, and that sentence holds the answer to why you were born.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive personal restructuring to accomplish the task we posed in this message’s title. You each were born to move through some limitations to aid in the collective evolution. You were only meant to do your part, and that part is something you’ve wanted to accomplish for many years, and the current conditions of your world will aid you if you allow that to occur.
The other day Roger held a webinar where the intention was to set new goals for this year. In the webinar, Roger mentioned the importance of using imagination for everything that is created in your life, and therefore the world begins in the workshop of your imagination, which most do not recognize or realize the importance of that fact. Roger knows it all too well, for he spent the more significant part of his life believing the use of his imagination was meaningless due to comments made to him at an early age. When he later studied Einstein, who spoke of the importance of imagination above all else, Roger had more permission to believe.

Last night we gave Roger the perfect example for you all. Roger knew of a new television show and mentioned it during a call with his family. Roger had not seen the show but intuitively knew we wanted him to see it. Before this, when Roger discussed the show’s premise, his nephew believed he might have difficulty viewing the show if it departed too much from history. The program’s entire point is to depart from history and use it to create a new world. Your history was always intended to serve that purpose.

As Roger watched the program, he saw the world he desired to see manifest, but he also recognized his limited imagination. Roger holds the challenge many have, as he did not allow his project’s vision to depart from his known history. Please study that sentence again.

We are also giving you and Roger this story, for he intends to create a video for his clients, and we want him to provide them with this message. You each are here now to break free of limitation, and you must discover it begins in your thinking and the limitations you’ve placed upon yourselves. You will start to remove them, and you will be fine.

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