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Soon you will run

Soon you will run

December 31, 2020
Soon you will run. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world being manifested through you. That sentence is the one we would like you to consider most. Many of you have yet to recognize your significance in the world or the timing you created to be alive at this time to aid your personal restructuring.

Of course, we will use reluctant Roger as our example, for it is still challenging for him to take the steps each of you are being guided to take. You would not be alive now unless you desired to move through some limitation you have held in this life or for eons. Yes, you are energetically connected to all who came before, and you may be releasing restrictions you’ve maintained, and of which you have no conscious awareness.

We led Roger to a video this morning that he knows he heard before, but today it made sense. It made sense now because he allowed his consciousness to open enough to hear what was being delivered, which is what is meant to occur when you practice meditation or any modality designed to remove you, if only momentarily, from your limited human thinking. Roger has long known he could often see the bigger picture of events occurring in your world but also feared speaking on them for he also feared judgment, and he holds an insatiable need to attempt to please everyone, and none of you were born to do that.

Then we led him to a video by Alexander of Indigo Light, whom we have mentioned before, and again we are referring to your soul families. Those are the people who provide you with the assurance you are on the correct path in your life and the encouragement to do so. Roger knows he is one of those persons and has feared it forever and continually stuck his head in the sand as you may have done.

The reason we said you would soon run will be reflected in this story. Roger held his webinar yesterday and loved every minute of it and felt as if he were finally in the right place in his life. Then at the end, one person interrupted before they disbanded and said they wanted to thank Roger for they had a consultation with Roger precisely two years ago, and something Roger said gave them the ability to change their lives. Roger attempted not to hear that, which is something he has done for more than thirty years ago when another person said what Roger told them saved their lives. Your impact in the world will also be powerful when you allow yourself to see it in this restructuring of your life.

The next several months will be extremely challenging for you and your world, but if you decide that you can run this time, you will be fine, as we have said all along. You are the only one who held yourself back, and now you are on the dawn of a new year to change.

When you stop running, you find yourself

When you stop running, you find yourself

December 30, 2020
When you stop running, you find yourself. That statement is accurate for every person, including you, and you decided to be alive during this time to make that discovery.

While we have said you are moving through a massive restructuring, we are also referring to your human operating system’s reorganization. That system is always limited, and you wanted to expand. We know that references to your past lives are lost on many, even Roger, but we will use this current lifetime to make our point.

Each of you has experienced some form of limitation in this life, which means you came to believe you were limited, which you are not. Then you require some outside force or occurrence to cause you to access more of your true self. We led Roger to a message this morning that we will post here, and you are to take it and insert yourself and know what you are up to in this current lifetime.

December 17, 2017
Stop running from yourself. Please tell your story in detail, as it will help so many.
You uncovered a transcript of a dream you had twelve years ago. The number of years is essential. In the dream, you witnessed a group of men you deemed to be leaders in some way, and there was a call made for a volunteer, and you stepped up. Immediately as you did so, you questioned your actions or why you would do such a thing and even asked at the end, "why me"?

Now in your current time, after discovering the transcript, you attempted to pretend you didn’t see it; but now, it could no longer be ignored. You now recognize the conflict. To stop running means to let go of the resistance you have had in becoming your true self.

Everyone does this to a certain degree, and now you get to decide if you will stop running.

The perfection of your birth is being revealed to you now

The perfection of your birth is being revealed to you now

December 29, 2020
The perfection of your birth is being revealed to you now. Yes, you were born perfect because you came with certain "new" things you wanted to accomplish. We are speaking to you in this manner, for we know that you are reading our words because, in some way, they are aiding your evolutionary journey even though you may not know precisely how.

The restructuring of your world starting within you is causing you to recognize those things you set out to do in your life, but because you also feared the unknown, it did not make sense to you to take that risk and pursue whatever that might have been. You are being shown that path now, and you are the one who will decide to take it or not.

We went to great lengths to bring you this message. Last night we began with Roger listening to a video by Victor Oddo on the coming full moon. Then this morning, we had Roger hear Tania Gabrielle speak on the subject. After that, we "mysteriously" overtook Roger’s computer and had the next video to play to be that of Marianne Williamson, whom he’s known for more than thirty-four years, but today it all makes sense.

We mentioned all those people because you each, like Roger, can use confirmation by others to know you are on the right track in your life. We have said that you all have soul families, and you collectively are working together to aid the evolution of all that is. This restructuring is causing you to "come together" more, and again that begins within you.

You have denied parts of yourself, which is why you didn’t come together, and now you see that reflected in your world, and the purpose was to cause you to come together. You are doing that now when you recognize and accept the perfection of your birth. Roger had to come to this awareness for himself with the aid of all the others we mentioned and many more. But now he also knows that helped him recognize the perfection of his birth finally, and now he will aid others to do the same.

Please reread this message, for we got carried away with our subliminal messages, but you will know why we say you will be fine when you understand them.

Your fear was always purposeful

Your fear was always purposeful

December 28, 2020
Your fear was always purposeful. Yes, we are speaking directly to you, for we know you would not be reading our words unless it was an integral part of your life path whether or not you recognize that now is not essential. What is more consequential for you is to accept that you do have a life path, and it is being revealed to you now.

As we have said, your world is moving through a restructuring beginning with you. We continually use that phrase because many of you do not believe you are that significant or think that what you do will not affect the rest of the world, which means you have forgotten you are the world.

The current period in your world’s history is causing each of you to question your reality, your existence, and your place in the world. Again, we tell you this is what you wanted to experience. We cannot tell you what precisely, but we will use Roger as our usually unwilling example.

For decades Roger has felt a calling to the work he desired to do but continually doubted that. Despite his doubts, he did receive the desired results throughout his career, but the doubt and fear persisted. We said the fear was purposeful because it causes you to move out of your limitations, and that is why you wanted to be alive during this restructuring.

Then we gave Roger a program to develop, and he continued to doubt. We used that terminology intentionally because Roger does not know where the information originated. However, he knows that it works based on others’ results, yet he still doubted. Roger’s restructuring will be moving beyond that doubt, owning what we have given him and you, and the evolution of you and your world continues.

The next several weeks may be challenging for you, but that is only to aid you in awakening to who you are, releasing your fear and limitations, and you all will be fine. If only you could see what we see in your future.

Now that you know, what will you do?

Now that you know, what will you do?

December 27, 2020
Now that you know, what will you do? We hope you find that title intriguing, for it will also be enlightening as you come to understand its meaning. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, and it is occurring first within you. Roger thought that maybe he might be exempt as he was, after all, delivering our messages, but none of you are exempt, and that was the real intent of the restructuring.

We will give you a story, but first, we will ask the producers of the film we will mention to consider sharing some of the profits with Roger. Yesterday after completing some of his chores, Roger felt a bit of overwhelm and even called his friend to say as much and told them it seemed as if things were moving too fast and he needed to take a break. Roger decided a movie might do the trick, and it could allow him to escape for a bit, and it did quite the opposite.

Roger is entirely connected to the information we send while at the same time doubting it and feeling strange for the process itself. You each have felt as if you were all alone on your journey or most other times believing you are the only one and somehow crazy. We used that word for we gave Roger a title some time ago that he is now closer to using, and that is, "deciding I’m not crazy, and my life makes sense." Now he believes that title, and so will you, for we will help you.

On Christmas day, Roger’s nephew sent a text advising Roger to watch the film "Soul." This nephew is the same one who told Roger almost twenty-years ago who Roger was by handing him a book, which Roger summarily hid away for years. Just like you have been hiding out, but this restructuring will cause you to take a second look.

When Roger began to watch the film, he was overtaken by emotions which he could not explain at the moment, but we are providing more clarity now. Immediately following the film, Roger sent a text to his nephew after he had dried his tears. We are giving you context for a reason. During the text conversation, they both remarked on their disbelief that a major Hollywood studio and big corporations would create a film talking about spirituality. And using such vivid imagery that both Roger and his nephew found surprising, for they felt maybe they were the only ones who knew. You understand what we mean.

You each have felt that way throughout your lives. You have held on to limitations in your life as Roger has. That is why we asked the question in the beginning. Roger now knows what he was meant to receive during this restructuring. And that was his sense of purpose and belief, which is and always has been helping others find their rightful place in the world.

What will you do now that you know you weren’t an accident? If you don’t remember, we told you this yesterday. You will be fine.

If only you could stop believing in accidents, you would prosper

If only you could stop believing in accidents, you would prosper

December 26, 2020
If only you could stop believing in accidents, you would prosper. We had to really pull those words out of Roger because he knows that many of you at this time may not believe them, as he has not for eons. However, you are all alive now to move through your disbelief.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring manifesting first through you, and then it is materialized in your world. You have done this many times, and each time you move through some of your individual limitations, and then again, that result is reflected in your world.

We know some of this may not make sense to you now, and that is what occurs for Roger as well, and most times, he only understands his life in hindsight as most of you do. But this time, due to the massive shifts, you each have more energy available for you to use to break through your previously held limitations, but that will be challenging for you to accomplish if you believe things are occurring accidentally. That line of thinking is what contributed to your feeling inadequacy.

Each of you was born to fill a particular role in your world’s evolution, and your part is unique, and none of you have the same one, and all are essential, and none are more important than another. That crazy sentence is one you have trouble with, including Roger, due to your judgment. You will judge others as wrong, so you may find some sense of belief that you are right, but you were right when you were born but believing in accidental occurrences blocks your awareness.

Roger has opened up so much information that we cannot put it all here, but we will give you one point. You are alive now to accomplish something you hadn’t either in this lifetime or another. We cannot tell you what that is for you, but we can tell you what that was for Roger. We gave him a message a year and a half ago, and he understands and accepts it now. You will do the same in your life, but we will leave a link to the transcript for those who take the initiative to read it will find value for themselves.

No matter how you may judge your world and your life now, we still say you will be fine, and you will know that sooner when you stop believing in accidents.

This holiday will be your best if you choose to make it so

This holiday will be your best if you choose to make it so

December 25, 2020
This holiday will be your best if you choose to make it so. We know those words might be challenging for some of you to accept at this time in your life or your world, but we assure you they are correct.

As we have said, you are moving through a mass restructuring, the purpose of which is to cause you to break free from some previously held limitation. At times you require a bit of impetus to do so, and your past year has provided you the fertilizer needed to grow the life you intended. We used all those words on purpose.

We will use Roger and his limitations to alert you to yours. The other day we told him to search for messages containing the word hidden. He found many of them but decided not to write about them in our communications. Now we have hit upon his limitation. Roger has always believed he had a particular role to play during this lifetime and simultaneously doubted himself, as you have doubted yourself.

Along the way, we continually provided "clues," but Roger ignored them because they seemed too fanciful. Every year on this holiday, coupled with your holiday of Easter, we remind him of his journey. While none of you are here to do the same thing, you do know what you were born to do, but due to the lack of physical manifestation, you find it difficult to believe you could perform your task, but you can.

We led Roger again this morning to messages on hidden, but we also led him to messages of, "you can’t go back to who you used to be and be happy." Each of you sits in that position in your life, and you are choosing your future life now. It will be brilliant when you let go of your limitations, and you knew that being alive at this time would aid you, and you are correct, and you will be fine.

Messages of "hidden."

You have never been abandoned, yet abandonment occurs

You have never been abandoned, yet abandonment occurs

December 24, 2020
You have never been abandoned, yet abandonment occurs. Roger loves it when we speak in riddles, for when you finally figure them out, they make more sense to you. Precisely how your life works, and we will use Roger and his life to prove our point.

As we have said, you each are moving through your personal restructuring, which was meant to coincide with the mass restructuring of your world. While we cannot tell you what you desired to achieve at this time, it is always that you want to become more in some way, and you have held that back either in your current life experience or another but your memory of that is not essential.

The fact is many of you move through your lives feeling a bit lost, and that is the purposeful part of your life experience. If you knew it all or understood where you were going, there would be little point to your life for expansion or evolvement would never occur.

We have often said that Roger has known what he felt called to do in his life but allowed fear to hold him back as you have. But then you decided to live during a pandemic, and the collective energy of that caused you all to see beyond your limited experience. You have done this many times, and each time you individually and collectively evolve more. We will have this make sense.

This morning we led Roger to two messages that inform his life experience now and what you all are experiencing collectively. We told Roger to take small parts of each message and place them here so each of you, and he may find the continuity in your lives that is meant to flourish now.

December 2, 2009
Yes, indeed, you could create a utopia if all you did was remain in a constant state of gratitude and thankfulness for the things in your life experience that please you. This, in and of itself, merely creates more of the same with your very own focused attention. However, you desired to live a full life experience, meaning that certain events and situations would not please or make you happy at the moment, but they would cause you to expand and evolve as you intended.

December 24, 2014
Pure love is the experience of beholding anything of a physical nature and having absolutely no judgment. You may think of this as unconditional, but you also rarely truly experience love being unconditional unless you first seek the experience of pureness.

The first place to begin to activate this experience and feel it more frequently in your own life is with yourself. You know you are accomplishing this when you can behold yourself and have absolutely no judgment.

The reckoning you have sought was within you

The reckoning you have sought was within you

December 23, 2020
The reckoning you have sought was within you. This message will be one of our best and the most transparent. When we make these statements at the beginning of a message, we do so because we know how much Roger allows himself to receive. That clever sentence is one you would do well to remember.

Last night after Roger finished what he called his "ugly" cry after watching a television show; he was struck by the release of the energy of the tears. Yes, your tears serve a purpose, and it is always a release of energy in some form. Roger knew that for him, this was an indication of a release of his previous resistance. You all are doing this now, which is why we have spoken of the restructuring and the recent conjunction. None of these things are occurring arbitrarily. The synchronization of the events was not accidental, just as it was not accidental that you decided to be alive at this time.

Before Roger went to bed, he went to his computer and looked at his online program, which his associates have been diligently assembling, and Roger felt somehow he was not living up to his end of the bargain and felt guilt. The guilt was purposeful for him, for it has existed for eons to allow him to be in this place now. The same may be true for you, and you weren’t aware of it until now.

Roger then sent an email to his associates as both an apology and an acknowledgment. Roger saw before him the manifestation of what he had seen in his associate before it was materialized. That is the challenge you all have. Now we will tell you why.

We awakened Roger in the middle of the night and "magically" had him watch the end of a documentary on the current president-elect of the United States. We told you some time ago that the US would lead this restructuring, which is making sense to Roger now. Roger saw what he has waited for his entire existence, and it was an open display of empathy. One announcer said that Joe Biden’s superpower was his empathy. It has been Roger’s, but he needed to see it displayed in another before accepting it in himself. Roger also knew that was the job he signed up for but had neglected.

Then we kept sending the word reckoning to Roger. We told him to look it up, and he found the definition we wanted, which was this one: "a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty." Then Roger wondered if we had given him a message like that before. He went to the site and found a message with that word, but we told him not to read it then but to paste it at the end of this one for it will be more impactful for him and you. Most of you do not believe the ideas you have held about who could be, and maybe this will help.
At Roger’s request, we must say we apologize for the length of this message. But, most of you have more time on your hands now. Remember, you will be fine.

May 25, 2015
Reckoning, reconciliation, and finally, acceptance. This can be thought of as a process that you follow during your physical life experience to come to full ownership of who you are, and thus facilitate your expansion.

The first part is the reckoning. You often attempt to ignore or pretend that certain aspects of you or your personality do not exist.

The next step then is reconciliation. This means that you acknowledge all those things and begin not only to own them but also find their value and purpose not only for you, but all others in your world.

Then the final step is acceptance. You come to own every part of you proudly and then almost miraculously discover the perfection, beauty, and wonder of all you are. That is indeed a cause for celebration.

Everything you need has already been given to you

Everything you need has already been given to you

December 22, 2020
Everything you need has already been given to you. It took a while for us to get Roger to write those words, and the reason behind his actions will inform this message, and hopefully you. Roger didn’t want to write the words because he is quite aware that so many may not believe them at this time due to the conditions in their lives and that of the world.

Still, on the other hand, Roger knows they are absolutely correct, for he has demonstrated them in his life in various ways. At times he owns those words, and other times, which occurred more often, he denied them; otherwise, he would not have found himself in certain situations or circumstances in his life. Here again, Roger knows that was never true as well. Because of these "truths," he is discovering, as you may be during this time, it becomes almost surprising to him that he only believed them when he was "forced" to, as you may feel now. The good news is each of you will discover how meaningful this current period in your life will be.

We spoke yesterday of the great conjunction which held so much promise for every individual and your world at large. Then we referred to the harmonic convergence of 1987. All the references were meant to point out periods of your life where you failed to utilize what you had been given, but there comes a time when you do. Roger recognized and even acknowledged to a friend; it was an uncomfortable feeling for him and many others because it also carried that unknown quality.
Then a friend sent an article about yesterday’s events and referred to another time in your history where many of you may have felt the drive to become more of yourselves, and that time was the solstice of 2012. We told Roger to look up our message and apply it to his life now. However, when you read it, apply it to that part of you not yet recognized, and you will find you have been given everything.

December 21, 2012
Wait, is an action word that, when you use it, you will instill the ideal of patience into your physical life experience. When you find patience, you begin to manifest very different results in your life.

When you operate with impatience, you are actually working against yourself, so to speak, for you are affirming that something you desire is not here, has not been made manifest, and more importantly, that you do not have it. Those thoughts will create that reality in your personal experience.

You will know when you are using the energy of the word wait, for you will also experience greater peace.

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