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Day: November 23, 2020

You cannot manifest tolerance through intolerance

You cannot manifest tolerance through intolerance

November 23, 2020
You cannot manifest tolerance through intolerance. As we have said, your world’s current restructuring will cause each of you to experience the same within yourself. When you were born, your intention was not the same as others, but none of them are more important, meaningful, or powerful than another. That paragraph describes the continued evolvement of humankind.

The United States is leading the current restructuring, as we have mentioned. The most significant aspect of this was the election in the United States. It caused longstanding differences, biases, and prejudices to be revealed. All those things exist within you. Your job this lifetime is to experience a higher level of autonomy in your life, indicating your evolution.

Roger had a conversation with his family yesterday, and he could see why we advised him to schedule a talk about how to move through the holidays with your family and how to handle change. You are all in the midst of massive change. During the conversation, some members expressed their intolerance of others and did so because the other did not appear to be tolerant or sensitive and accepting of them. Then they made a statement that was insensitive to Roger and did not notice they had done so. That, dear friends, is what you each have done in your lives and why it slows your world’s natural progression.

We will leave you with a message we gave Roger five years ago informing this time in your life. You always know where you want to go in your life, but you must also become tolerant of yourself. You will be fine.

June 28, 2015
You recently heard a statement said in jest that resonated with you, and for a good reason, and that was, "I am intolerant of intolerance." The entire concept of tolerance is built on faulty principles because it implies that you are seeing other souls or people as separate or different from you.

True freedom in your world and society is only obtained when individuals see all others as themselves or the same. And then come to know who they are; grant everyone else the "right" to do the same, and then decide to never do anything in thought or deed that would attempt to limit the ability of another to live in that manner.

That is indeed a mouthful, so to speak, and the only helpful thing is for you to attempt to implement it in your life. You are all one.

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