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Day: November 19, 2020

Your world will heal when you decide to do your job

Your world will heal when you decide to do your job

November 19, 2020
Your world will heal when you decide to do your job. We want each of you to accept the responsibility for the conditions that currently exist in your world. Once you have done that, ask yourself what you might do to cause the situation to improve or evolve. When you have that answer, decide to do whatever it might be, and watch the manifestations that begin to emerge in your life and the world.

We know that entire paragraph might have been confusing, but now we will have it make sense for so many. You each are born into a time-space continuum to have the conditions, situations, and people in place to facilitate your evolution, which is that of the world. But each time you are born, you must develop and utilize new skills and talents. Now because they are new and you have grown to fear the unknown, you resist the very things you wanted to develop. Every soul does this, and you do it in a manner that is helpful to your evolution, those in your soul family, and conversely, the world.

During this pandemic you created, you experienced aspects of yourself that will aid that evolution. You might have become frightened, angry, or wanted to retreat, or you began discovering new abilities and talents. But even those did not cause you to relax. We will give you one example from Roger’s life, but you are meant to find the correlation to yours.

We had said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world occurring within each soul. Please make the mental connections between restructuring, the unknown, and fear. We said the United States would lead the way, and the election would help. Yesterday Roger happened to post something on social media concerning the election. Due to the extreme division that currently exists, it is not possible for you not to have an opinion or reaction. What Roger witnessed was a lack of information. However, he did not see that at first. What he did initially was to judge them for their ignorance. Then Roger remembered why he was born, which was to be love and offer help and guidance. He then took another stance. Roger sent them information of an educational nature that settled the situation.

The point of that story was he decided to do his job. You are supposed to realize, accept, and do yours! It never matters what conditions exist in your world, and yes, you are connected to them all, but it is about what you do with them that allows you to do your job in this lifetime. Please study this message for a while, and what you will discover is its wisdom, which will emerge in your life and the world quite soon. You will be fine.

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