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Day: November 18, 2020

You have feared your power

You have feared your power

November 18, 2020
You have feared your power. That sentence is not a judgment, and this message will be an explanation. When we say power, it is not about some physical strength, but it is about your ability to manifest and create whatever you want in your life. We are describing a natural state of evolution and the restructuring your world and you are experiencing.

This message is a bit long, for it is essential we place it with another, but if you take the time to understand them together and the timing, you will find comfort.

Roger is having difficulty with this transmission, for he knows it must be authentic for it to be effective. Like you, he has not quite accepted the abilities and talents he has, but you each intended to improve upon them in this lifetime. Each of you is experiencing this now, and it can unnerving. It feels to many of you that the pandemic is the source of your fear, but we would offer it is far more than that. Of course, stressful times cause each of you to access talents you have let lay dormant, and during this restructuring, the energy is more intense, so your confusion is elevated.

We will tell a story that will have all of this make sense. During Roger’s webinar last week, one person attended that Roger noted was intently focused upon him throughout the presentation. There was an energetic connection made, which they both knew. This person then scheduled a consultation that occurred yesterday. Immediately when they began, we took over and told them why they were there. Roger said he knew they were frightened as they could not explain these new sensations and thoughts and were confused about what they might do. Roger said, "that is why you are here. I know that I attract those who need guidance and assurance as they are awakening to who they are."

Then the person asked a question, and we will now speak to them directly as we feel they will read our words. You asked if you could achieve something, and we said yes. The reason you asked is that you knew we would affirm what you already knew. Now it will be your job to offer your understanding and ever-growing awareness to others.

We know this particular transition is challenging for many, but we will offer more assurance. In January, we told Roger what was ahead for him and intimated he would discover it soon, and this was before his awareness of the pandemic. We will post it here, for it will offer a sense of relief to some of you. You are not here accidentally, and things are progressing nicely, and you will be fine.

January 15, 2020
You are afraid of the light. We brought Roger to this quote from Plato this morning, and we will explain why. The full quote is, "You can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."

We will begin with the premise that there are no coincidences or accidental events that occur in your life. If you do not know this or come to believe it, you become a victim in your life rather than a victor. We can be poetic at times.

Here is the story. Yesterday Roger met with his friends that we mentioned he hadn’t seen in years. Because of this, they wanted to know about his life’s journey. Roger joked and said, "I will give you the Cliff notes," or a consolidated version. Even he couldn’t believe all the experiences of every shape, manner, or form as he did so. When Roger returned home, he needed to finish a biography of sorts for the group he was working with. At first, he sent his work and career history, and then they asked for his accomplishments. Now, these two experiences strung together caused him to recognize that he had been afraid of the light. Roger said, "I couldn’t have had this life unless I was meant to do something with it meaningful."

Then last night, a friend asked for an energy healing session as they were in excruciating pain. Roger knew he could accomplish this but had been afraid to "practice" it more. He did it brilliantly. Then this morning, he picked up his program, which he began creating more than four years ago and has yet to complete. Roger discovered there everything we have given him, which could aid so many others if he would stop being afraid of the light. That last sentence is meant for all of you, without exception.

Oh, we almost forgot. It is not accidental that Roger, and you, are receiving this message on this day. Figure it out.

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