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Day: November 17, 2020

Your reality is the correct one

Your reality is the correct one

November 17, 2020
Your reality is the correct one. If more people believed and understand that concept, you would experience less division in your world. It took a while for Roger to allow this message to come through, for he was following our guidance of not using judgment, of which he had quite a bit, and the bulk of it directed at himself. You each may encounter this during your restructuring, and it would be best to continue practicing self-forgiveness heavily.

As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring being led by the United States. You each decided to be alive during this time to further your evolution, which is that of your world. In that process, you will encounter limiting ideas and beliefs you have carried about yourself and the nature of reality. You have carried it throughout this lifetime and many others. Again, we bring up your ancestors’ energies, for, believe it or not; they are affecting you and your world now. Today you will notice the results of this behavior on full display in your current existence.

We will give you bit size pieces today. Yesterday we mentioned Roger came upon a video that he intuitively knew would help a client, so he trusted that without fully understanding the outcome. Roger received an immediate response that said, "yes, this was meant to come to me." We threw in that story to encourage you at this time more than ever, to trust your intuition.

Then Roger felt inclined to study someone of recent popularity and found similarities and believed he was meant to see that for his encouragement. His friend thought Roger adds too much meaning to absolutely everything. Yes, he does. Because he thinks that is why each of you decided to have a physical life experience, was to interpret things in a new way to cause evolution. You cannot do that without the contrast presented to you by others. Unfortunately, you make contrast right or wrong rather than about choice and preference.

Last night Roger was ordering a new phone, and his friend offered his opinion on which one to get and then sent Roger an article stating that people who use Androids are smarter. Roger then jokingly said, "you’re calling me stupid." The friend thought Roger’s ego was hurt, and even Roger felt that might have been the case, but he also said the other day he reached a place where others’ judgment did not bother him. What did bother him was the assessment that your intelligence could be ascertained through the phone you chose. You each will find ways to make someone else wrong, so you feel right, and when you look at your world today, you will see the results of your thinking.

Roger could not judge his friend, for earlier Roger happened to see a former client online who was railing about the election and denying the results. Roger had always judged this person as not being so intelligent, which opposed his life purpose. You have all demonstrated the plausible deniability of which we spoke. Still, your restructuring will cause each of you to own your reality without needing to make others less than you because the brilliant thing you figure out is, you are all one and are using the contrast of each other to evolve. Study this message again and again. You will be fine.

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