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Day: November 15, 2020

You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you

You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you

November 15, 2020
You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you. That sentence is correct for every individual, and not understanding this concept is the source of the discourse you witness in the world and your life. There is no separation.

This morning, we awakened Roger quite early, and he glanced at a news report showing demonstrations and brawls that erupted in the United States’ capital. Of course, we would have to go there, for we have said you all are in a massive restructuring that begins within each of you and never in the other person, although you do use others to discover yourself. You will find it challenging to perform self-reflection without the examples provided to you by others.

You each were born to accomplish something unique to you and congruent with your soul’s evolution and timeline. You don’t have to understand that sentence, but we will have it make sense in your current physical life experience. You must come to determine or recognize what it is you want to achieve in your life now. When Roger observed the conflicts, what came to his awareness was many were fighting with one another to find their power and control, but the source of that power and control never existing out there somewhere; it is within each of you.

We will now prove it to you. Months ago, we told Roger not to become distracted with the current election in the United States, for it has already been decided. At that time, Roger listened to us and got back to his purpose, which he could have easily avoided again as he has done for eons. What he wanted to do this lifetime is to embrace and own his leadership skills, intuitive communication, and helping others utilize their untapped ability to evolve. Roger, like you, did not know for sure he could do that. You fear what you think you want to do, for you believe you may not have the ability, and that is never true.

Yesterday Roger held his webinar, which we said would be successful and yield better returns than his previous endeavors because that webinar was aligned with his life purpose. Several days ago, Roger recorded a video saying, of course, through us, that once you find your life purpose, you will have little time for anything else, and now the truth of those words resonate for him.

Many of you will find yourself moving to new areas of your life due to your world’s conditions. You will find your focus returning to what you desire to create in this life and continually find more courage to move in that direction.

We must leave you with this. Many have thought the saying "seeing is believing" was valuable when, in fact, it derailed you. Believing causes sight. You will be fine.

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