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Day: November 14, 2020

If you love them, you will heal

If you love them, you will heal

November 14, 2020
If you love them, you will heal. We love this message so much because it will cross so many timelines within your life and that of your world. In the end, it will aid the acceleration of the current restructuring each of you and the world is experiencing. That complicated sentence will end up making sense to each of you in your life.

As we have said, the current restructuring is occurring within each of you, so that is where you must look to see where you have been holding yourself back from who you wanted to be in this life. Now we have also said you are experiencing energies provided to you through your ancestors, which is also part of the motivation you are using now even though it is not conscious to you. Roger can pinpoint his more specifically due to his recent discovery of the depth of impact his great-grandfather had on the world. Roger did not believe he could fulfill carrying that role forward into this life, just like you thought there was something you could not accomplish.

You are all one, but you spend lifetimes, including this one, discovering more of that, for there is greater power in unity than division. Now here is the part of the story that will resonate with so many. As we recounted, Roger shared a photo online intended to promote unity but had the opposite effect, but the beauty of that event is it caused Roger to know his life purpose. We are purposely saying this here because so many of you feel you do not have one, or it is not essential, or that it won’t make a difference in the world, and that is never true for you or anyone.

Roger planned a webinar for today and, at the same time, could feel himself almost attempting to avoid it, which showed up yesterday when he discovered he had not prepared as he would have liked. Roger has done that his entire life, for if he doesn’t put his all in, then he has a perfect excuse for why it all didn’t work. Then last night, as his associates are putting things together and Roger is simultaneously feeling guilty, his friend said, let’s go for a drive. Roger thought he needed to prepare instead, and his friend said, why? You already know this stuff. That little sentence we snuck in is for you because you each already know your stuff, but you don’t see that you do. Roger will prove that today in his webinar.

Here is the restructuring each of you is to do and why it will cross timelines, aid evolution, and this current restructuring, and that is, to love yourself. We yelled that at Roger and to all of you, for if you love yourself, you love them, you all will have want you want, and the world evolves. You do this a bit at a time, but you do get there, and you will be fine.

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