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Day: November 13, 2020

You will do much better this time

You will do much better this time

November 13, 2020
You will do much better this time. Today we asked Roger to deliver our message without much censoring as he has tended to do in the past. We are throwing that sentence in to alert you all to the process of evolution of you and your world.

We will begin with a premise, then followed by a story. When you know your life purpose and begin to believe it, nothing will hold you back, and you will be denied nothing. Yesterday, Roger decided to share a photo online to offer unity in a world of discourse. Much of the current strife is related to the restructuring of which we have spoken, and we said the United States would lead the way.

The photo was of past political leaders of different races and different political parties but was posed in a photo depicting unity. Of course, Roger only saw unity, but others saw other things through the eyes of their firmly held biases. You all do this, but it is also an essential aspect of evolution. When Roger saw some of the negative or hateful comments, he embraced them. Roger offered them acceptance. It didn’t matter what they said to him; he decided to love them anyway.

Now here is the reason we are giving you this story. When you find your purpose, believe it, and pursue it, you will not be deterred this time. We keep mentioning that to make you aware of your eternal nature, which you are adding to now with your willingness to evolve.

For years we have told Roger, "you will remember who you are." Roger kept writing it and never understood it until yesterday through "inadvertent" action. We have also mentioned a book title Roger always loved, but now it makes sense. "What you think of me is none of my business." You each are remembering who you wanted to be in this life, and when you do, that sentence will resonate for you.

Roger knows his purpose is to help others find theirs, for Roger also knows when that occurs, the restructuring of your world is accelerated. You spend eons, lifetimes, and periods of civilizations thinking there is something you need to get from someone else because you feel you are insignificant, when in fact, you are the world. We will have much more tomorrow as there will be significant shifts in your world today. You will be fine.

Finally, this previous message will also inform you why we used the word inadvertent and help you make sense of your sometimes confusing life.

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