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Day: November 12, 2020

You will now live up to more of your potential

You will now live up to more of your potential

November 12, 2020
You will now live up to more of your potential. Yes, we mean you, for there is no human exempt from this process, although you may think you are or pretend you don’t notice you are voiding your potential. Of course, Roger will give you his example, which will help you during this time in your world.

You were born to expand, meaning you wanted to evolve more. You don’t typically know all the things your physical life experience has in store for you, so many of you fear your potential, as Roger has done. We told you that he felt called to life coaching more than thirty years ago, experienced a level of fulfillment and success mainly through one client, but then stopped. Roger thought maybe he wasn’t qualified or good enough. You have felt the same about yourself or some area of your life. The entire process is evolution.

When you experience certain events in your life that are incredibly difficult, challenging, or downright terrifying, you are moved to do something to alleviate your discomfort. The funny thing we will tell you now is the discomfort you are running from is your potential. The pandemic will cause many of you to stop avoiding your potential.

We will prove the point further now. Roger spoke the other day of the dinner with his family, but he left out one part. While waiting for their arrival, Roger opened an email from a client experiencing a great deal of fear and confusion due to the current global restructuring. While Roger could not answer entirely at that moment, he knew he had to send a response, for Roger knew what was occurring.

The next morning Roger answered the client and saw a reply that said Roger had delivered what they needed precisely and were in a much better place. We mention it here as Roger noticed he was attempting not to see the response, and then he might be able to continue avoiding his potential as you may have done.

Then we awakened Roger several times during the night with the thought; why not you? Roger then searched our messages and realized we had said it repeatedly, and even twice in one month, he didn’t notice. You have been avoiding some untapped potential in your life, or you would not be here. Think of this time in your life as you still being that diamond under pressure awaited your reveal, and unknowingly to you now, this difficult time will aid you, and we will continue to help. You will be fine.

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