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Day: November 11, 2020

You have always known who you wanted to be but simultaneously held doubt

You have always known who you wanted to be but simultaneously held doubt

November 11, 2020
You have always known who you wanted to be but simultaneously held doubt. That sentence is true for every individual, especially you.

As we have said, you are moving through a global mass restructuring, which none of you have experienced. So given your already highly developed fear of the unknown, this particular period of your life is particularly frightening for many of you, and Roger is no exception. He is also a great example and teacher.

This morning we led Roger to an entirely different type of video, and he questioned why we were doing so. The videos were addressing the current political unrest in the United States. Roger typically does not speak on these things, for everyone has found their positions and will stick with them. The difficulty for Roger was not sticking with his.

We then had him read our messages about the same subject over many decades, and he stayed in doubt and denial. Remember when we told you Roger asked his clients why they created the pandemic? He has found why he created it, and we are especially pleased for it will further inform the online program he is producing with our guidance.

We will also say that Roger has given us much more permission to speak, which only took decades! We will attach one message to prove our point. Then, each of you is meant to examine yourself now and why you have not allowed yourself to own your voice. You will begin to do so due to these current conditions, and you will be fine! We felt we needed that to be louder.

September 12, 2009
The only voice you ever desire to hear is the one voice that only speaks of limitless possibilities and potential. Any other voice that you hear can only be based in fear.

Your intention in this lifetime is to only progress, evolve, and expand, and this is not possible when you listen to anything other than the one voice. The other voices continually cloud your perception and take many different forms. They sound like caution, be careful, thoughts of others’ opinions, possible failure, or loss. All are simply based in the past and therefore have their origin in fear.

You may only hear the one voice when you deliberately take the time to listen to it, for it always exists. Now you also understand more deeply the benefits of meditation for then you allow yourself to listen.

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