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Day: November 10, 2020

You are them

You are them

November 10, 2020
You are them. We have given you in that sentence what you all sought to discover by creating your current pandemic, or the global restructuring of which we spoke and are speaking still. We gave Roger a lot of detailed information, but different from before, he does not fear the information but wants to get it right. Also, Roger struggles to move beyond his judgment of himself as you all do, and that is because you do not understand or accept evolution entirely.

We will have this make sense by leaving a message at the end, which was given more than a year ago, but we were referring to this current time. Yesterday Roger witnessed what was occurring in the United States’ presidential election and attempted to make sense of what he was seeing. You all do this. You decided to be born at this time to observe your world now and offer your input to further evolution. The problem is you don’t believe you can do that. Every lifetime you have something new you wish to accomplish; it is always doing more than you did before.

We know the concepts of what might have occurred before this existence is challenging, but none of you need to look that far to see how you have allowed fear to halt your evolution. Several days ago, we had Roger search the term plausible deniability. Roger did not know why, but as he saw the "fight" still occurring over the results, it was quite clear to him that the fight was within him, as it has been for you.

We know that some say politics are not important, but we would offer that everything that shows up in your physical life experience is there for you to utilize somehow. Everything that comes into your experience is for you to use in your expansion. Roger knew what he was witnessing was something within him; he could recognize this when he did not focus on those unwilling to change or accept the unknown in this political process. And he knew what he saw in others is what he has seen in himself, which is still and always has been a fear of the unknown. Could you be that powerful? Or you were born without the talents and abilities others possess?

When those thoughts came to Roger, he sat down last night and looked at the work he wanted to do and knew he was the one resisting. What might happen if he stopped doing that? What would happen if you stopped doing that? We will leave you with this message to which we referred for the opening sentence is quite telling. You have resisted becoming yourself, but this current restructuring is what you wanted to move beyond that limitation. You will be fine.

The message:

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