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Day: November 8, 2020

The restructuring of your life is now well underway

The restructuring of your life is now well underway

November 8, 2020
The restructuring of your life is now well underway. We have been speaking of the restructuring of your world, but it was always with the intent of causing you to understand that you live now to experience your individual restructuring, which then causes the world to evolve. Many of you witnessed this last night but did not know what you saw precisely.

Roger thought, maybe explaining some of our previous references will help you understand this message. We often say it took Roger a while to allow the message to come through, which is for one of two reasons. The most prevalent is that Roger does not believe what we are telling him or doesn’t accept it because it doesn’t make sense. The other reason is he, just like you, does not think he would be so honored to receive guidance and information. That sentence describes your life, which you have judged, but it’s also the perfect opportunity for evolution to occur.

The other important part of Roger’s hesitation in receiving information is we have to work through his judgment of himself or others, or the message is not from us, and will not aid his evolution or that of the world.

When we began speaking of the restructuring of your world, we said the United States would lead the way. At the time, that made no sense to many of you and especially Roger. But he decided to ignore his doubts and deliver the information with less of his usual censorship. You may also find yourself more likely to believe yourself now, and trust in who you are.

Last night Roger witnessed what we have spoken of for months. The president-elect of the United States gave a speech that illuminated the purpose of this current global restructuring. While it is only the beginning, the United States will lead the way again.

We will give you some takeaways. You saw someone express nurturing, emphatic feminine energies that have been unbalanced for centuries. We told you that would occur. You witnessed someone who decided to take the stage in their life regardless of chronological age, and most importantly, previously perceived failures. You saw someone defy all previous doubts and considerations others held about him and his ability. You can do that as well. You saw someone who knew and has practiced the art of forgiveness. Yes, we meant those words, for that is the next job each of you will undertake. It may begin with you, but it will extend to all others and the world, as you are that powerful.

You decided to be alive now to move through previous limitations in your life, and now you have the collective energy of the global restructuring at your back, but it is up to you to utilize the gift you have been given. Please be patient with yourself and others, and as we have said, but now you might be more inclined to believe, you will be fine.

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